22 thoughts on “LiteSpeed Standard Edition + PHP 5.3.5 + MySQL 5.5.10

      1. Thank you very much,
        Could you help me how to start purefptd on startup and others service needed in this setup guide?

  1. Another question

    Why I always should execute this command

    chown -R domain.com:domain.com /home/domain.com

    I don’t know, but I lost this permission after executed it in period of time and I had to run it again (I can delete file or set permission via filezilla)

    1. chown doesn’t have timeout, maybe because you’re accessing your domain directory using root user before you’re manage your files via filezilla.

  2. Hi,

    Thank You, I moved from Apache to LiteSpeed Std+PHP+MySQL.
    My 256mb VPS is now flying along with 3 domains, using WordPress Blogs with moderate traffic.

    Excellent Instructions.

    Although XCache is better than eAccelorator with LS+WordPress.

  3. 2298 i use: Look at the URL

    but when I open the web page i see meesage Zend Optimizer not installed. I really need help. I could not find help on the google 🙁

    1. told you before, zend optimizer doesn’t support PHP 5.3.x, use 5.2.x if you want to install zend optimizer.

      anyway, what url mate?

  4. /usr/local/lsws/phpbuild/buildphp_1304341161.2.prep.sh: line 128: patch: command not found
    **ERROR** Could not patch source with Suhosin patch

    please help me
    thanks a lot

    1. That’s why i told to choose only php opcode cacher module, suhosin patch doesn’t work on php 5.3.5, you can only use suhosin extension and install it manually, see the post.

  5. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone would set this up for me on a 64Bit CentOS OpenVZ VPS? Email at joshua1432 (at) gmail.com I will pay for help 🙂

  6. In litespeed, how can we modify the PHP values locally for a domain using the php.ini method for suPHP + Apache ?? Thanks.

  7. I got this error when accessing subdirectory of virtualhost.

    403 Forbidden

    Access to this resource on the server is denied!

    could u tell me what wrong ? thank you..

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