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Hosting services that cater all needs are hard to find because they have to provide support and the trust to their clients. If someone is not able to see the service as reliable, he will not buy it. People reading this page should be aware that there is no such thing as perfect hosting, but unfortunately some of them are so poorly managed that they simply cannot offer quality services.

Our team here at Serversreview.net, we want to give you the best solutions when it comes to webhosting. They have researched a lot in this area and after much time spent doing this they are able to offer you the best ten companies that you would ever get. The coordinates of this research were based of previous customer satisfaction, services offered and also personal experience of our website. The below mentioned companies offer low prices for hosting and also good services. An excellent hosting is all you ever need for your website to be a constant success.

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Let us start with the best of them and this is HostMonster. The motifs which are behind this choice are multiple. First of all the price is absolutely great and probably the best on the market so far. If you do not have money to invest, you will be happy to pay less than 5 dollars monthly. For this ridiculously low price you will receive hosting for your domain, enough bandwidth, as much space as you want and many more. You could not ask for more than this and on top of it all their client support is round the clock. The ones who provide the support are from the U.S. and they are well aware of the situations that you might encounter.

Number two on our list is HostGator. Unlike other companies, this one offers different packages for various needs. They understand that each client might have particular expectations so their portfolio is larger. Among their services are the hosting for resellers, dedicated servers and VPS. Their price is a little bit higher and the negative part is that in some cases you might experience some server laziness. This could happen because HostGator is really popular and everyone will be able to be satisfied by one of their three solutions. For simple solutions, the basic pack will work just fine. However, if you want more than that, you might want to consider buying the business pack. With the last one, you will have all the things which are necessary for starting a good business, from shopping cart to SSL certificate.

The third most beloved company is Godaddy. The good part about them is their nice price scheme for a package which is definitely attractive. The purchase of a domain name is just 1.99 dollars and the minimum cost for hosting your website is less than five dollars. The hosting pack will have everything that you might need plus the constant support of a dedicated professional service staff.

The Next Two Choices to Round out our Top 5 Website Hosting Choicestop 10 web hosting

InMotion is ranked number four in our top ten. Their company is not that large and their offer is not that well established like the ones on the top ten. The clients have various opinions about their services and the reviews are very different ranging from satisfaction to opposite opinions. The reality is that InMotion means more than just hosting and they have great prospects of becoming really strong in the future. But for now the prices that they offer and the bad opinion of some clients does not qualify them for a higher place. Even if they are a good company, momentarily cannot be considered to be the best in business.

The last company in the top five is BlueHost. The surprising thing is that they have the same owners like HostMonster, but they are not as good as the other company. Actually this one is ideal if you desire to host your blog with them. This is their niche and they are really good at blog hosting.

Finally, we rated BlueHost as the fifth best web hosting company in the world. They are owned by the same company as HostMonster, so you know they are strong, but they don’t excel in as many areas as HostMonster or HostGator. However, if you want blog hosting, BlueHost is the best you will find and this is the specialty they cater to.

Our Top Web Hosts List Rounded Off, from #6 to #10.

The below mentioned companies are not on the second half of the top because they are bad companies. Among the companies which were reviewed by the team, the ones which are mentioned here are actually the best on the market. However, they are not that great as the ones in the top three, but are certainly worth a look because some of them might fit you better.
Number six is WebhostingPad. The excellent part about this company is that you can pay less than a couple of bucks for hosting. It is ideal for small businesses, personal sites or even blogs which do not have much money to spend. The services offered are quite nice, but the reality is that the support is not that good.

FatCow is number seven on the list. In the past this provider was better, but now they seem to have decreased their quality. It could be because they are expanding and their staff cannot simply cope with the increased number of demands. If you have a problem, you may notice that the support is slow in answering it and this means trouble for your website. Their price is decent and their features are good, but unless they solve this problem, they have an issue.

For the eighth position, the GreenGeeks offer decent prices and are excellent for a newbie website. On the ninth place iPage is situated due to serious difficulties in navigating on their system. They are excellent for advanced people, but for the beginner webmaster it can be really daunting.

Last place is taken by StartLogic. The company is at the beginning and they are not as big as the ones listed above. However, the service is great and for them the growing perspective is excellent.

Reasons to choose one of the above mentioned companies

web hosting comparisonIf you want a good start for your website, these companies are able to give it to you. Hosting is vital and if the service is reliable you will not waste time with any support team. Be careful about the too cheap deals out there. Some companies will sell hosting for ridiculously small fees. This thing does not guarantee quality so probably if you pay more, you may actually demand and get more.
The top ten hosting companies have superior service and a lifespan over five years. This means that they have enough experience and also they are big enough to be over the things which might cause your website to crash. For more information, read the detailed reviews and take advantage of the coupons which we offer every day. Make sure that you inspect each company and make a responsible decision because your online future is at stake.