Hostmonster Review

Our Complete and Honest Review of HostMonster Hosting Services

There are many reasons why we chose HostMonster as the best web host in our opinion. They provide their customers with an outstanding value and that is what shared hosting is all about. Since 1996, HostMonster hosting services have been taking on new accounts for both websites and blogs. They specialize in shared hosting, which is the most popular and they do it right.

One of the main goals HostMonster set when they first started is to provide outstanding customer services. They not only ensure you will always have a native English speaking representative on the phone, but also they offer support every day of the year around the clock. This allows you to get anything done, fixed or questions answered when it works for you. Take a look at their discount price here.

We feel that HostMonster offers more for you than any other company out there. For under $5 a month, you get so many features, benefits and unlimited options that no other hosting company can compare. They are our best web host and if you plan to start a blog, website, forum or any other online entity, we recommend using the solid foundation HostMonster offers.

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Choosing the Best Web Host Makes a Difference

You have hundreds of options when it comes to hosting and you can find a cheaper package than what HostMonster offers. However, this does not mean you are getting what you need. The best web hosting company (HostMonster review Hosting) will offer you so much more than what you can get from any of the smaller companies.

The main thing you get with HostMonster that is hard to find with other smaller hosts is peace of mind. When you know that you can call their support line any time of the day and you will get someone that can understand you and that you can understand, there is a certain level of comfort that comes with that. Not to mention you can also use their email or live online chat support, if you prefer.

They not only give you the support you deserve, but they also provide you with a foundation that is known for superior amounts of uptime. Starting a new website or blog can be a scary experience, especially if you have invested your life savings into it, but with the right foundation, you will have one less thing to worry about.

HostMonster Features:

– Unlimited Disk Space
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– Unlimited E-mail Accounts
– Unlimited Domain Hosting
– User-friendly control panel (cPanel)
– Free Site Builders
– Free Shopping Cart / Online Store Software
– WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other CMS / Scripts
– Free Domain Name for the Life of your Account
– $100 Credit with Google Adwords
– Support is NEVER Outsourced

With all these features packed into your shared hosting account, you won’t have anything to worry about. You can set up WordPress sites with just one click or use one of the many scripts to create things like online stores, forums and other popular online entities. There are many options for site building making HostMonster hosting perfect for both beginners and more advanced users.

Why Choose HostMonster Services?

Widely recognized as one of the top choices in the hosting industry, HostMonster delivers the goods. Just read a few of the customer reviews out there and you will be convinced they are the best choice for your hosting account. They give you a competitive list of features with 100% US based support, even in the middle of the night.

For just pennies a day, HostMonster gives you so much more than most other hosting companies. Sure, you can choose one of the others that will cut the price in half, but will the support take care of you and will they give you such and easy to use system? Probably not. A few dollars a month is nothing when you think about it and with HostMonster you can rest easy knowing you have the best web host on the planet taking care of your shared hosting needs.

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Will HostMonster Review Work for Every Project?

As you may already know, hosting varies and some types of hosting are necessary for some projects. HostMonster specializes in shared web hosting only and doesn’t offer VPS or Dedicated hosting options. This means, they won’t work for everything, but they will work for the vast majority of websites, blogs and other online entities.

The key is to understand how much traffic you currently have and how much you plan to see in the future. If you really think you can eclipse the 5,000 visitors a day, you may want to consider VPS or Dedicated server hosting. However, if you are not going to see at least 300 visitors every hour, shared hosting from HostMonster will provide you with plenty of resources. Take it for a test drive, Hostmonster has an anytime Money back guaranteed.

With SimpleScripts, HostMonster review offers you a wide variety of tools for many different projects. They give you everything you could possibly need to start an online store, blog, informational website, company website, forum, membership site or nearly anything else you could want to do. HostMonster really does work for a wide variety of projects.

It doesn’t matter if you have never bought hosting before or you have years of experience, HostMonster offers everything you could need. If you need a site builder, they have one. If you want to code your own website, you can. Whatever it is you need, want and desire, HostMonster hosting services offers it and that is why we have chosen them as the best web host on the planet.