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If you are running any kind of affiliate marketing campaign, you need something that will allow you to track your progress easily and quickly. This is exactly what the people at offer to their customers.

They offer a product with many beneficial features that are all designed to help you make the most of your affiliate marketing campaigns. has created a one stop source for information, data gathering, and more, all to help affiliate market campaigns reach their fullest potential.

Top Features of

Android and iOS compatible:
low cost web host

Because was designed with the mobile person in mind, one of its best features is that it is coded to fit onto Android and iPhone. This means that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can quickly find the information you need for your affiliate programs.

If you want to show a potential customer the benefits of working with you, you have that information right on your phone. If you simply want to track the day’s sales, you have that on your phone as well. Because is usable on your phone, you don’t have to be tied to your computer desk all day.

User Interface Features and more:

The people at know that everyone has a different way of working. Because they know that you all have a different way of working, they have done everything possible to make their interface customizable and easy to use.

This means that you can have the information you need about your affiliate programs in a format you can use easily. Instead of having to deal with how they wanted you to use their product, you can use it how you want. Flexibility is the key to saving time, and the interface features of give you that flexibility.

While a flexible UI is always a good thing, that is not all offers. provides a wide range of campaign features all designed to help you maximize your affiliate campaigns. Whether you are using Multi Level Marketing, Commission Groups, or Performance Rewards to help drive your affiliate sales, you can keep track of it all easily with This means that no matter how you drive your affiliate campaign you have a way to keep track of the data you need to know.

While tracking affiliate campaigns is good, you also want to be able to track other information as well. offers a wide range of tracking tools. These tools are designed to enable you to track all of your differing groups who use any kind of affiliate marketing. Not only can you track what you do, but you can track what your competitors are doing as well. Information is the king of affiliate marketing and the tracking tools offered by are top notch.

Promotional Features:

Everyone who does affiliate marketing knows that promotions are the bread and butter of finding new business. For this reason the people at have designed a number of Promotional features into their product. By giving you access to tools like banner designs and more you can customize and manage all your promotional campaigns from one place. Instead of having to go to twenty different sites to handle all the aspects of a promotional campaign, you can do it all with

Whether you want to use Image Banners or HTML Banners to help drive your affiliate campaign, you can design them from the interface. This means that you don’t have to find the code on one site, copy it to another and finally display it on a third, but can do it all in one place. Affiliate marketing campaigns take a lot of work and having something like this will save you time.

Reports, Reports, Reports:

One of the keys to making any affiliate campaign successful is having access to information. Not only do you need access to this information, you need it to be as reliable and as current as possible. offers several different tracking and reporting tools that are there to help you stay abreast of the latest trends.

By giving you access to information about the latest search trends and information about online users you can more effectively tailor your affiliate campaigns to what is going on today instead of what was happening yesterday. Pricing offers a sliding scale for pricing that allows people to buy only what they need. There are three levels of pricing with each one offering different functionality according to what you pay. This means that you don’t have to pay a large amount of money for things you actually don’t need or won’t use.

The pricing for starts at $19.99 a month for the basic package, $39.99 for the Professional Package, and finally $99.99 for the Ultimate Package. This allows you to buy exactly what you need.

The Downside of Using

While there is no doubt that is a great product, it does have one drawback, it gives you too much information. While there is no doubt that information is exactly what you need to be successful, you can feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information you get from

The good news is that you can easily customize what information you get and don’t get and as you get a hang of understanding what the information means, this problem actually becomes a benefit. Customer Support offers a wide range of customer support tools. Not only do they offer contact through email, but they have a very detailed knowledge base. This means that if you have a problem you are likely to find the answer somewhere in the knowledge base.

Along with email support and their knowledge base, also hosts a forum for its customers, allowing people to exchange information and help each other.


If you are involved with Affiliate Marketing in any way, then you really should give a try. The features and tools that are part of this product are some of the best tools you can find and make life easier for you. In the end success in affiliate marketing campaigns is about information and contacts. While you have to generate your own contacts, makes the information easily available.