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Over the past decade, many businesses have shifted from the traditional brick and mortar structure to the more dynamic ecommerce platform. This is because ecommerce opened the doors for them to reach out to targeted clients and new markets, which are no longer bound by geographic limitations. Ecommerce has also helped a lot of individuals in starting up business ventures with a smaller capital, as its requirements cost a fraction of the traditional investment price.

Hence, if you are looking for an ecommerce platform that allows you to showcase your products and services to your target audience, then you may as well check out what has to offer. The most established ecommerce platform today, is currently catering to over 50,000 online entrepreneurs since it first started, making it one of the biggest online store builders you can find.

Top Features of

Among the top features of include:


The great thing about is that its platform is mobile-compliant. This means if you are running an online store using its platform, your site can be viewed and accessed on mobile devices, and the same features found on it can be used by visitors, including picking products, checkout and payment.

Prices comes in different packages that cater to different needs. Among them include:

Aside from the service packages, also sells several themes that can be used for online store websites. These themes vary in price, as they are specially designed and developed to cater to specific ecommerce needs.

The Downside of Using

According to user reviews, offers near excellent service when it comes to laying down the foundations of an online store. The main drawback in using the platform however is when purchasing and installing custom made themes; it takes a long time for the themes to be uploaded on the platform, making it a chore for developers and site owners to wait before their online store can be ready for final tweaks. A good alternative to this is to use the already available themes on the service plan purchased, and do certain design upgrades later.

Customer Support

The customer support system of is available 24/7 and can be contacted via phone, email or chat. It also has an ecommerce support line, where sellers may ask for advice from ecommerce experts about how to market their products effectively via the platform. This is a great thing as sellers, both pro and amateur, are able to learn new tricks from industry experts and soon get their ROI within a shorter period of time.



shopify-bg-sct-home-reporting offers convenience for online sellers, from the amateurs to the already established ones. Rather than having a site custom built for ecommerce, the platform already provides the space and materials that could be set up within a few clicks so that users can start selling their items in real time. If you are an online entrepreneur looking for the easier way out in establishing your business on the internet, then this is the platform to use. You can also form a network with other ecommerce sites that are using the same platform to gain better access to new potential markets.