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GreenGeeks and the Green Hosting Movement

GreenGeeks is one of the best web hosting sites out there, especially when it comes to green hosting. This is a type of hosting that uses wind energy to offset the non-renewable energy used. Some companies, like GreenGeeks, have found a way to harness renewable energy sources instead of just buying certificates to offset the power.

They offer a very competitive package at a very low price for shared hosting. This allows a company to take the initiative and use a green hosting company without any guilt of what their hosting is doing to the environment. Many companies claim to be green, but GreenGeeks is the only one that truly is 300% green

Growing Into One of the Best Web Hosting Sites

Even though we rate GreenGeeks at the bottom of our top ten, they are quickly growing into one of the best web hosting sites available. With over 100,000 websites hosted on their servers now, they cannot compare to the larger companies, such as Hostmonster Hosting or HostGator Hosting, but they are steadily growing into a fine company for hosting.Try out their special dicount promotionhere.

low cost web host They cater to those looking specifically for green hosting and they make sure that, not only are their servers run by wind energy, but they also buy enough wind energy certificates to cover twice as much power as they would use if they were not a green company. This makes them the greenest hosting company available and environmentalists love them.

Does Green Energy Still Create Great Hosting?

The one concern many have about a company as green as GreenGeeks is whether or not they actually provide great hosting. With GreenGeeks, you still get all the features and support offered by many other companies and you can sleep at night knowing your hosting won’t destroy the earth. They still give you the same 99.9% uptime guarantee and they still run some of the best servers in the hosting industry.

The only downfall with GreenGeeks is they are a smaller company compared to the rest of our top ten and a bit inexperienced. Their support is good, but they don’t shine like Hostmonster support team. You won’t be disappointed with the package and the support you get from GreenGeeks, but we still recommend Hostmonster for shared web hosting.

The Top Features Offered by GreenGeeks Hosting:

– Unlimited Domain Hosting
– Unlimited Space
– Unlimited Data Transfer
– Tons of Email Accounts
– Free Domain Name for Life
– Access to Sitebuilder and Templates
– 100% North American Based Support Team
– 300% Powered by Wind Energy
– And Much More!

Are they Really That Green?

Many question how green GreenGeeks really is, but their owner, Trey Gardner has always stood by his company and the statement that they are 300% green. He understands that the hosting industry potentially could be one of the biggest polluters in the world, but with the ability to offset the electricity used to power servers with wind energy certificates, they don’t have to be.

GreenGeeks offset all the power used and they do it three times over. This is more than any other company, with the second of the best web hosting sites for green hosting coming in at only 130% green power. They are committed to the green movement and they do their part. Not only do they buy extra wind certificates, but also they are involved with planting trees and doing many other things to help the environment.

Free Migration and 30-day Guarantee

If you are currently unhappy with your hosting company, GreenGeeks is a good one to switch to. They will even let you move all your domain names and files free. You will also get the same 30-day guarantee as any other customer, which gives you time to try them out before you decide whether they are the company for you or not.

With a guarantee like this and the ability to transfer everything free, you don’t have anything to lose. You can see how all their features work, make sure they really do put their money where their mouth is and really get comfortable with a new host before you decide to stick with them for good. This makes GreenGeeks one of the best web hosting sites you will find.

Upgrading with GreenGeeks Hosting

Something you don’t see with many shared web hosting companies, but you do with GreenGeeks is their VPS hosting plans. This allows you to upgrade when you need to and get the hosting power you desire. With VPS hosting, you can get a partition of the server instead of sharing it with all the other accounts on the server with you.

They offer plans for VPS hosting starting at $29.95 a month and you get plenty of options. The hosting is fully managed, so you don’t have to worry about all that technical stuff and you can upgrade at any time. This is great for businesses that need more security and need the ability to do more with their hosting.

What We Really Thing About GreenGeeks Hosting

We would not include them in our list of the best web hosting sites if we didn’t think they were worth your money. With the added option of VPS hosting, you get more with them than many other companies on our top ten list. However, they are still not as powerful at Hostmonster hosting and probably never will be.
For a smaller hosting company, they are very reliable, provide good support and they are 300% green, which is a huge selling point for many.

Maybe in a few more years, they can actually compete with the big dogs in the hosting industry, but for now, they just offer a good package that you can trust. The other thing they don’t have that Hostmonster does is the right price.They are a bit more expensive, which isn’t much of a surprise, but at least you know some of your money is going to save the environment.

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