What is Secure SSL Certificate?

What is Secure SSL Certificate?

What is Secure SSL Certificate? It stands for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate and turns a website address or URL from http to https. It ensures your purchasers that they can buy with confidence from your Internet site and that their credit card information would remain secured against cyber crooks. Hence, when you, as an Internet user, sends confidential information to a web server, it does authentication and the user’s browser would establish a safe connection to guarantee message privacy and integrity.

SSL-certificateThere is industry-standard 128- or 256-bit encryption of data entered in most websites. The strength of an encryption on an Internet connection is based upon the user’s browser and hosting server. For instance, a combination of an Apache Web server and a Firefox browser normally enables up to 256-bit encryption. Encryption strength is measured in number of key bits (key length). Note that a 40-bit encryption requires 240 (1.10 x 1012) possible values, 128-bit involves 2128 or (3.40 x 1038) possible combinations and 256-bit requires 2256 (or 1.16 x 1077) possible values, which means cracking it is indeed unfeasible.

All SSL certificates contain the following information: the certificate holder’s name, the serial number and expiration date, a copy of the holder’s public key and the digital signature (private key) of the certificate-issuer or authority. It uses the public key for info encryption and the private key for data decryption. Encryption is basically the scrambling of data into an undecipherable format where the converse is true with the proper decryption key. So, for this part we already answered the question: What is secure SSL certificate?

How Does SSLC Work? It ensures that you have a convenient, easy and most importantly, safe online shopping experienced. As an Internet user, you enter your credit card information, login passwords and other personal data on a shopping site/server, which automatically enables your browser to make encrypted connection. Secure SLC process establishes that you have discreet session for you not to get interrupted with your shopping experience. The “https” in the URL and a padlock icon in the browser’s status bar are the visible indications of an SSL.

When there is a SSL handshake, the browser is required to obtain stringent authentication from the web server. If the SSLC has expired or there is mismatch of information, your browser will display a warning or an error message. Without the SSL encryption, your information (packets) travels via public networks in full sight. Anyone would be able to view, alter or steal your content. Without 3rd-party verification, you cannot just trust contents received over the Internet. Imagine accepting a package without sender’s info directing you to open its contents.

How could you possibly get a SSL Certificate? Before you are issued with it, your personal or company identity undergoes stringent authentication and thorough validation procedures to verify domain control, business credentials, certificate type and contact information and to pre-empt Internet theft.

You are one of millions/billions of Internet users who demand for a trusted or reliable online security experience. You want yourself and other online visitors to have safe business transactions. Only business’ websites with SSL certificates guarantee the maximum protection of your sensitive data. Now that you know the answer to what is secure SSL certificate, you know when you are secured browsing online.


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