WeServIT Linux VPS Review

Website: http://www.weservit.nl


WeServIT Whois

Spec and Features

WeServIT Spec and Features

WeServIT System Information

Download and Upload From International Location
Location: US – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: SFTP-GET & PUT

WeServIT IX - IX (US)

Location: UK – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: SFTP-GET & PUT

WeServIT IX - IX 2 (UK)

Disk I/O Test

WeServIT Disk I/O Test

Load Time

http header

Load Time

Support Response
First ticket submitted at: January 21, 2011 – 04.38 PM (GMT +7)

WeServIT 1st Ticket Response

Second ticket submitted at: January 23, 2011 – 05.59 PM (GMT +7)

WeServIT 2nd Ticket Response

URL Access For Test: here

Finally i got a real European VPS provider to be reviewed, especially from Netherland. I have noticed WeServIT since 2 years ago, i really am interested to try their service because they seem to be reliable, but i always forget to check my bookmark until my friend told me that he use WeServIT for my community VPS. So it is a good chance for me, i don’t have to spend some bucks. Allright enough about chit-chat, now we are going to start talking about them.

As usual, first i’m doing a speed test, because this VPS is located in Europe so i guess it will be fair if i am doing this speed test not only from US but also from EU country. Both using 100Mbit port (shared), US location looks quite good, my server can still gain 10Mbit – 40Mbit speed to access WeServIT VPS. For EU location (UK) speed test, i can gain 140Mbit speed, they are good for EU access. Also for additional information, last time i checked total hops from Asia, the European location has less hops than US location. For speed test from my ISP, i cannot post the screenshot because the speedtest progress is not shown on this VPS sftp method.

Okay i’ve finished with speedtest, now talking about their power. CPU node is standard for VPS provider, and also disk I/O test is not much fast or slow, so they really are not oversold, as well as they are using Gigabit link (stated on the website). For the support response they are not quite satisfying, one hour minimum reponse is not enough (personally) for me. Again if you want to be a high level service provider, you have to provide fast support first. This is not only for the current service provider i reviewed, but this is for all. Please do not tell that you have a thousands of customer and you cannot always response the tickets timely. Naturally, the more customer you have, the more resource you need. Not only server, but you are also need to add more human resource to serve the customer, price is only distinguish the web hosting or vps level, not customer service level, except if we are talking about managed service, it is different from customer service. Do not say “i’m selling this 10GB space with 512MB RAM and 1TB data transfer VPS for only $5, what did you expect from that? good up time? fast speed? great uptime? are you kidding?“. Why don’t you just write it on your website rather than write you about $5 VPS package with 99.9% uptime, fast support, money back guarantee, and all that marketing strategy writing only? You’re obviously stated that, but you don’t take responsibility from what you have stated. That is one of the usual statement for self defense from customer complaints. Anyway i’m sorry for being out of topic, for the conclusion i will give WeServIT 8 points from 10 points. The price, speed, and uptime are good. Only the support response which still be their homework.


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