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by admin on January 25, 2011

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Site Rack Whois

Spec and Features

Site Rack Spec and Features

System Information

Site Rack System Information

Download and Upload From International Location
Location: US – Port Speed: 10Mbit (shared) – Method: WGET & cURL

Site Rack IX - IX (10Mbit)

Location: US – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: WGET & cURL

Site Rack IX - IX 2 (100Mbit)

Download and Upload From Local
Location: ID – Port Speed: 512Kbit (shared) – Download Method: FTP-GET

Site Rack Download from Local

Location: ID – Port Speed: 200Kbit (shared) – Upload Method: FTP-PUT

Site Rack Upload from Local

Load Time

http header

Load Time

Support Response
First ticket submitted at: January 19, 2011 – 08.24 AM (GMT +7)

Site Rack 1st Ticket Response

Second ticket submitted at: January 22, 2011 – 08.04 PM (GMT +7)

Site Rack 2nd Ticket Response

URLs Access For Test:
I create 5 autoblogs website using wordpress with every 4 hours updates to test the reseller durability, here the URLs are (at most a week after this post was published):

One word for this reseller hosting provider, fast! Download and upload speed from both my 10Mbit and 100Mbit server is at 90% of total speed. Also when i’m access my five test blogs hosted in Site Track reseller hosting account, really i’m not experiencing some slow load time. About support response it is not yet can be categorized as a high class web hosting provider but average time 30 to one hour can be considered good. And then check the site load time test, two point xxx seconds at 50 clients test for five blogs with every four hours autoblog update, what if they using nginx or litespeed, they can be faster. Okay enough said, i will personally give them 8 points from 10 points. Sorry i don’t have much word to be written because i’m a little bit stress after 18 hours internet downtime, enjoy!

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