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Spec and Features

Orange Hosting Spec and Features

Orange Hosting System Information

Download and Upload From International Location
Location: US – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: SFTP-GET & PUT

Orange Hosting IX - IX (100Mbit)

Download and Upload From Local
Location: ID – Port Speed: 512Kbit (shared) – Download Method: FTP-GET

Orange Hosting Download from Local

Location: ID – Port Speed: 512Kbit (shared) – Upload Method: FTP-PUT

Orange Hosting Upload from Local

Disk I/O Test

Orange Hosting Disk I/O Test

Load Time

apache http header

Apache Load Time

nginx-apache http header

Nginx-Apache Load Time

Support Response
First ticket submitted at: January 19, 2011 – 03.57 AM (GMT +7)

Orange Hosting 1st Ticket Response

Second ticket submitted at: January 22, 2011 – 08.10 PM (GMT +7)

Orange Hosting 2nd Ticket Response

Okay, it is Orange Hosting the Canadian VPS provider, but the server located in US, Scranton NOC. My first impression about this VPS provider is a stupid but very helpful. I just need the support to activate TUN/TAP in my vps but it took about 4 times for me to check whether TUN/TAP device is active, but finally they told me that there is some issue in one of their nodes, just take a look at the ticket screenshot. So the first ticket impression was like that, and then the second ticket is quite make me wonder if there is somebody who sit in front of computer to wait for ticket issued. It took two days for them to give me the SolusVM details, maybe Orange Hosting crew is organizing some family tour or gathering on that time. Done about the support, now for server power. Quad Core Q9550 is one of the reliable high class processor for server, and that’s good. Speed also good, not too much fast like using 1Gbit port but their 100Mbit speed seems not oversold. About pricing, the lightest plan comes with 512MB memory and costs $20 which in my opinion this kind of provider is not playing some cheapo VPS. That can be considered if you need a provider with reliable server, but if we take a look back on my second ticket, i will only give them 7.5 points from 10 points.


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