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JoneSolutions Spec and Features

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JoneSolutions System Information

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Location: US – Port Speed: 1Gbit – Method: WGET & cURL

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Clearly not overselling, that’s JoneSolutions. The node where my hosting placed has Intel Xeon E5620 with 16 CPU @ 2.4Ghz each, 31GB Memory, and 500GB HDD space. You can feel their shared hosting power by trying them. About the speed access? No worries, they are using 100Mbit bandwidth port or probably the 1Gbit one, i’m confused because it’s like the speed has no limit and could not go down even in the high busy time, i’m always got my full speed. For web hosting features it is a complete one, lots of modules, also they’re using NginX as reverse proxy so your website can be accessed faster, and it’s good to reduce memory load. Furthermore, two thumbs up for their support, less than five minutes with 3 minutes average response, it’s like there is always a man sitting behind the computer’s desk waiting for queries. Overall i’m very satisfied with their service and 9.5 from 10 points for JoneSolutions. You can rely your business on them.


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