Copahost Shared Hosting Review

by admin on February 6, 2011

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Copahost Whois

Spec and Features

Copahost Spec and Features

Copahost CPU Node

Copahost Memory Node

Download and Upload From International Location
Location: US – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: WGET & cURL

Copahost IX - IX (US)

Location: UK – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: WGET & cURL

Copahost IX - IX (UK)

Location: NL – Port Speed: 1Gbit (shared) – Method: WGET & cURL

Copahost IX - IX (NL)

Download and Upload From Local
Location: ID – Port Speed: 512Kbit (shared) – Download Method: FTP-GET

Copahost Download from Local

Location: ID – Port Speed: 200Kbit (shared) – Upload Method: FTP-PUT

Copahost Upload from Local

Load Time

http header

Load Time

Disk I/O Test

Copahost Disk I/O Test

Support Response
First ticket submitted at: January 27, 2011 – 11:28 PM (GMT +7)

Copahost 1st Ticket Response

First Ticket Updated:
1st Ticket Update

Second ticket submitted at: February 04, 2011 – 04:33 AM (GMT +7)

Copahost 2nd Ticket Response

Third ticket submitted at: February 05, 2011 – 00.40 AM (GMT +7)

Copahost 3rd Ticket Response

URL Access For Test: here (at most a week after this post was published)

Allright buddy, now let’s back to review a shared hosting provider, and it is now special or unusual because Copahost shared hosting is located in Germany. So far the uptime is no problem, i think it is because they are using one the reputable server provider in Germany, Giga Hosting. The unusual thing about they are using Giga Hosting is their speed, i know Giga Hosting servers using minimum 100Mbit speed, that is why at least i could gain 1MB/sec speed from 100Mbit server in US, but i couldn’t. So i tried their speed from EU location (UK), and the maximum speed i could gain is only 3MB/s. Still i’m curious and then i tried again to test the speed from the closest location from Germany, the Netherland location with 1Gbit (shared) speed, and the result was the same with the UK location. Pheew, maybe i was testing their speed at the peak time. About the node, Copahost may have planned to use it with not much client because for the enterprise scale i think they have to upgrade to the bigger node. Now for the support response (my favorite), and here is the story. The first ticket was closed without response so i opened the second ticket and asked them why do they closed my first ticket without response. And then they answered my second ticket plus reopened my first ticket. Okay i can accept their human error and (very) late response because they said that there was some mistake from their team. After that i opened the third ticket to ask for ssh access and guess what, i think there are some mistake (again) in their team which make they are respond my ticket (very) late (again). So for the points? 6 points from 10 points for Copahost. They are good for European access but not really for the others, also think again about their support response.

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