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Spec and Features

Cloud Static Spec and Features

Cloud Static System Information

Download and Upload From International Location
Location: US – Port Speed: 10Mbit (shared) – Method: FTP-GET & cURL

Cloud Static IX - IX (10Mbit)

Location: US – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: SFTP-GET & PUT

Cloud Static IX - IX 2 (100Mbit)

Download and Upload From Local
Location: ID – Port Speed: 512Kbit (shared) – Download Method: FTP-GET

Cloud Static Download from Local

Location: ID – Port Speed: 200Kbit (shared) – Upload Method: FTP-PUT

Cloud Static Upload from Local

Disk I/O Test
Cloud Static Disk I/O Test

Support Response
First ticket submitted at: January 12, 2011 – 04.03 AM (GMT +7)

Cloud Static 1st Ticket Response

Second ticket submitted at: January 13, 2011 – 04:35 PM (GMT +7)

Cloud Static 2nd Ticket Response

It is obvious that i’m reviewing another DimeNoc family after previously i have reviewed Zio Inc. Probably DimeNoc datacenter is reliable so there are many web hosting provider rent server from that company. Anyway back to the topic, Cloud Static budget virtual private server using OpenVZ for virtualization, and it is good to start learning about linux and root with this budget package, remember it is only for learning, not for big project whatsoever. Although Cloud Static premium virtual private server ensures for higher CPU and IO, but this budget package is not lose in speed. I’m installing openvpn in this vps and put about 30 users, they have never complain about the speed. If you want to try the openvpn you can download config files here (rar pass:, this will last for at most a week. Okay you have seen the speed test results, as usual upload and download from international and local. International both 10Mbit and 100Mbit get about 80% of total bandwidth, for local is still the same. From the speed test result i can say that cloud static is not doing oversell in bandwidth for this budget package, but probably yes for virtual hardware resource, because even i’m succeed installing litespeed, i always failure to when i want to compile php because of memory doesn’t seem enough for the process. Also webmin installation’s got error, cannot access the webmin panel, i tried to reboot but it’s just the same result. For the support response, they are so-so, not fast enough but not too slow, and yes they can be categorized as a middle-class web hosting provider. My opinion, the basic requirement to be categorized as a high-class web hosting provider is a fast response support, no excuse. Okay so i will personally rate them 6.5 points from 10 points. Cloud Static can definitely be one of the top web hosting provider if they escalate faster response support and more hardware resouce.


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