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CleverKite Whois

Datacenter Location

Datacenter Location

Spec and Features

CleverKite Spec and Features

System Information
CleverKite System Information

Download and Upload From International Location
Location: US – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: SFTP-GET & PUT

CleverKite IX - IX (US)

Location: UK – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: SFTP-GET & PUT
CleverKite IX - IX (UK)

Disk I/O Test

CleverKite Disk I/O Test

Load Time and Resource Test >>

Support Response
First Ticket Submitted at: February 05, 2011 – 04.41 (GMT +7)

CleverKite 1st Ticket Response

Second Ticket Submitted at: February 06, 2011 – 23.43 (GMT +7)

CleverKite 2nd Ticket Response

Third Ticket Submitted at: February 07, 2011 – 00.07 (GMT +7)

CleverKite 3rd Ticket Response

Fourth Ticket Submitted at: February 10, 2011 – 02.25 (GMT +7)

CleverKite 4th Ticket Response

Fifth Ticket Submitted at: February 17, 2011 – 09.04 (GMT +7)

CleverKite 5th Ticket Response

One man show performed by Orien from CleverKite. Even the reponse time is not always very fast (3 hours maximum, usually less than one hour) but it is still acceptable, and i like him because he is very friendly and always give the best and warm response to me, that is a plus point, i really appreciate a so-so response time with “friendly like” than a very fast reponse but “robot like”. CleverKite provides minimal choice of OSes, most of them are 64bit, but i can request 32bit OS to be added to my SolusVM because i don’t really like 64bit. For VPS performance, just like Orien said in the 4th ticket, it is underutilize and no more than 20% of total resource from Xeon e5620 being used, previously it was my bad doing some misconfiguration in my VPS. Take a look at the disk I/O test, 114MB/sec! About VPS speed, i think the node is using 100Mbit port and never had any problems accessing both from US and outside US. Okay, so far i had a great time with CleverKite and i think i will be going with them for more than one month. I will give them 8.5 points from 10 points, it can be rise to 9 or 9.5 points if they added some data transfer on their package, probably like 200GB or 300GB.


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