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by admin on January 16, 2011

in Shared Hosting

Website: http://www.zioinc.com


Zio Inc Whois

Spec and Features

Zio Inc Spec and Features

System Information

Zio Inc System Information

Download and Upload From International Location
Location: US – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: WGET & cURL

Zio Inc IX - IX

(update) Location: US – Port Speed: 100Mbit (shared) – Method: WGET & cURL

Zio Inc IX - IX 2

Download and Upload From Local
Location: ID – Port Speed: 512Kbit (shared) – Download Method: FTP-GET

Zio Inc Download from Local

Location: ID – Port Speed: 200Kbit (shared) – Upload Method: FTP-PUT

Zio Inc Upload from Local

Load Time

http header

Load Time

Support Response
First ticket submitted at: January 06, 2011 – 03:07 AM (GMT +7)

Zio Inc 1st Ticket Response

Second ticket submitted at: January 06, 2011 – 03:30 PM (GMT +7)

Zio Inc 2nd Ticket Response

URL Access For Test: here (at most a week after this post was published)

I’ve never heard of Zio Inc webhosting before, but i’m curious to test because it seems their price is really affordable and they write out all of their server features so i know that Zio Inc server module is pretty much complete. About the access speed is quite fast, took about 2 seconds to open a standard wordpress page from my 512Kbit connection, and guess what, if you are familiar with the famous unlimited webhosting with zero point zero one dolar for the first month hosting, i think Zio Inc shared hosting’s access speed is better than it. Maybe because it server or reseller mother’s location is near from my location than another US server location. No matter if Zio Inc’s server mother or reseller is greater, as long as it provides a better performance and support, no need to be worry about it. But i have not test Zio Inc hosting performance, because basically i do not do that kind of test, but because i became interested in it, i will extend my hosting at Zio Inc to do some more test for hosting performance, just wait for my update. For the ending, my personal rating for Zio Inc is 7.5 points from 10 points, can be increased or decreased depending on the further tests.

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