UK2 Review

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Location: UK
Cost: From £0.99 /month
Year Founded: 1998


UK2 Review

Websites seem to be everywhere these days. Nearly everybody hosts a website. Some of them are blogs. Others are e-commerce stores. Yet others are forums. There really is no limit to the type of website you can build. All you need is basic knowledge about the Web industry, as well as a reliable Web hosting provider.

Speaking of providers, today we want to talk about UK2.

Web Hosting Through UK2

UK2 is a fifteen-year player in the Web hosting industry that provides a bevy of hosting solutions, including domain name registration, standard Web hosting, virtual Web hosting, dedicated Web hosting and website builders.

The company is based out of the UK, but it offers its services to clients from all across the world. Some of the things that set it above the fold include its competitive pricing, exemplary customer service and topnotch servers.

Available Basic Services

UK2 offers every type of hosting service available, including the following:

UK2 - Website hosting service provider

Domain Names:

U2K offers very affordable domain name registrations and transfers. It supports all common domains (.com, .net., org), as well as more uncommon ones like .xxx. You can also take advantage of substantial discounts by performing bulk domain name registration. Unless you have a clear cut plan of action, however, we recommend just buying a single domain at a time for now.

UK2 - Website hosting service provider

Standard Hosting:

Standard shared hosting is also available. The cheapest package limits you to just one domain name, but the slightly more expensive higher-end packages add along Facebook integration, SEO tools, free domains names, unlimited bandwidth and more. Note also that you get a basic, stripped-down instant website. You can design it using a template or scrap it altogether and replace it with something else.

UK2 - Website hosting service provider

VPS Hosting:

U2K is one of a very few hosting providers that offers fully virtual cloud hosting. You can take advantage of up to 24GHz of processing power, 23GB of memory and 500GB of storage space, if you want.

Each VPS gets it own unique IP address, as well as 24/7 support, free Linux/Windows installation and automatic failover.

UK2 - Website hosting service provider

Dedicated Hosting:

The dedicated servers start to get a bit pricey, but they offer the type of hardcore infrastructure needed for serious Web entrepreneurs. They all include Gigabit connectivity, 99.9% uptimes and unlimited bandwidth. Plus, the dedicated servers sit at a London data center that is outfitted with the best server and security technology in the industry: N+1 generators, heat detection sensors, CCTV monitoring and more.

UK2 - Website hosting service provider
UK2 - Website hosting service provider

Website Builder:

If you don’t know how to build a website, have no worries. Taking advantage of any of the previously mentioned services entitles you to use U2K’s website builder. All you have to is choose a template, configure the settings, add some content and publish. However, we recommend taking the time to learn something like WordPress, a relatively easy but powerful tool for designing more customized solutions.

UK2 - Website hosting service provider

Available Advanced Services

UK2 also offers some advanced services for niche functions. These services combine different parts of the previous services into convenient packages.

UK2 - Website hosting service provider

Extraordinary Features

There are other Web hosting providers who offer the same grade of services. However, UK2 offers a long list of notable features that you should keep in mind.

UK2 - Website hosting service provider

CPanel Integration

We especially appreciate that UK2 chose to work with the CPanel system. It is an extremely popular Web hosting control panel that competes alongside Plesk, vDesk and other panels. It offers several key benefits that make it better than its competitors:

It is simply the easiest and most functional dashboard system on the market. We feel confident that you will feel the same way once you give it a test run.

Above-Par Customer/Technical Support

UK2 - Website hosting service provider

UK2 offers a heavy dose of high-quality customer and technical support. You can contact agents during standard business hours by submitting an email, starting a Skype session, dialing a phone line or submitting a ticket. There is also a comprehensive ‘Knowledge Base’ that contains detailed instructions on how to connect to MySQL databases, set up email and much more.

We wish the support was available 24/7, but we appreciate the ticket system. We also appreciate the extensive ‘Knowledge Base’ and recommend that you take advantage of all the information contained within it.

Special Promotions

UK2 runs a few promotions through the year. The exact promotions change every year, but they generally allow you to obtain multiple services and features at significantly reduced rates. We recommend signing up for the company newsletter and keeping an eye out for the next promo. There is unfortunately no way to tell when it will occur.


Overall, we found UK2 to be a topnotch Web hosting provider well worth trusting. First and foremost, the company offers access to high-quality cloud servers with incredible redundancy rates. Second, the provider retails every type of service imaginable, from conventional hosting to search engine optimization and more. Last but not least, it has a track record for providing stellar services, features and support. Simply put, UK2 is among the best of the best in Web hosting, especially for this affordable, budget-friendly price range.

UK2 - Website hosting service provider