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Year Founded: 2012

ThemeIsle is a company that designs WordPress themes. In many ways, ThemeIsle looks like many of the other companies that sell WordPress themes. In other ways, it’s remarkably different. The first thing that stands out is the company’s dedication to a pirate themed store. ThemeIsle makes somewhat odd use of pirate vernacular and images. The company owners say they came up with the idea while working on Koh Lanta, an island in Thailand, for a month in 2012. Later that year, they launched the site.

Don’t let the pirate theme put you off. It’s meant to seem cheeky and humorous, not unprofessional. It seems that the company just wanted a way to set itself apart from all of the other WordPress theme stores out there. They’ve done the job well. No one could possibly mistake ThemeIsle for another online store. What other company goes on about treasure and parrots? How many stores would call you “bucko”?

ThemeIsle started out with a few WorkPress themes. It has grown considerably over the last few years. Now, it has dozens of themes intended for specific industries. ThemeIsle also has about a dozen proprietary plugins that customers can use to make their websites more functional. Some of the plugins are free. - Premium WordPress themes and plugins

Top Features of ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle isn’t the cheapest WordPress theme provider (more on that below). You can certainly find companies that sell cheaper themes that work well. One of the best things about ThemeIsle, though, is that it tests all of its themes to make sure they meet ecommerce goals. ThemeIsle isn’t selling themes just because they look attractive. It’s selling themes that have proven themselves successful on numerous sites.

Some popular themes include those designed for:

  • Online magazines
  • Online stores
  • Bands
  • Professional portfolios
  • Blogs
  • Small businesses

Whether you’re starting a yoga studio of a medical supply store, ThemeIsle has a design that could work well for you.

The WordPress plugins are also designed for performance. Some of the best plugins add features to your site like: - Premium WordPress themes and plugins
  • Comparison tables that help customers make purchasing decisions
  • Pushing old content on social media platforms to boost traffic
  • Preloader that helps sites load quickly on computers and mobile devices

If you don’t want to spend time writing your own code, and you just haven’t gotten the functionality you need from free WordPress plugins, then ThemeIsle has plenty of great options for your site. - Premium WordPress themes and plugins Prices

ThemeIsle has three membership plans designed to meet the needs of unique website developers. Learn about each option before signing up for ThemeIsle. Choosing the right membership plan is key to getting the services you need while keeping prices low.

A Diamond


A Diamond gives you access to basic features. If you’re new to managing a website, or you just want a basic theme without extra frills, this is probably the best plan for you. It includes:

  • Access to one theme from ThemeIsle
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • One year of support and updates
  • The option to use on as many domains as you want
  • Basic support that includes access to the support forum
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Treasure Chest


Treasure Chest is usually a good option for people who manage more than one domain. It gives you access to the features and services that you need to build unique websites with their own branding. The plan includes:

  • Access to all of the themes on ThemeIsle
  • Priority support instead of basic support
  • Two years of support and updates
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited domains

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Pirate Club


The Pirate Club is for pros who want top-notch services and awesome themes. The plan comes with:

  • Access to all of ThemeIsle’s themes
  • Up to $110 worth of ThemeIsle’s plugins to make your sites more functional
  • Priority support
  • The option to use themes on unlimited domains
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime support and updates

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Plugin Prices

Plugin prices vary depending on the plugin and the type of license you want. The WPPR Comparison Table plugin, for instance, costs $35 if you only want to use it on one website. If you want a license that lets you use it on three sites, you need to pay $67. You can add it to unlimited WordPress websites for $95.00.

ThemeIsle has a handful of free plugins that can make sites a little more useful. The free options aren’t exactly the most dynamic plugins, but they work well and, well, they’re free! - Premium WordPress themes and plugins

Criticism of - Premium WordPress themes and plugins

ThemeIsle gets some criticism for its relatively high prices. Some people balk at spending $67 on a single WordPress theme. Granted, that is a little expensive when you consider that ThemeForest and similar companies charge lower prices. Low-priced options, though, rarely put as much research and development time into their themes.

Yes, ThemeIsle is a little more expensive than some theme stores. A lot of people businesses and individuals find that the extra expense is worth it. If you’re serious about growing your website and earning more money, then you’ll need to spend more money than people who just want blogs that look attractive. Compare your options and know what exactly what you’re buying before you choose to spend less cash on a theme that won’t give you the results you need.

Customer Support From

Customer support from ThemeIsle depends on what membership option you choose. If you have the Diamond plan, then you’re going to get most of your answers from the community forum. It’s reliable, but that’s hardly top-notch customer service.

Priority customer service included in Treasure Chest and Pirate Club plans is much better because it lets you get email responses from the professionals at ThemeIsle. You can also tap into the community forum for quick answers to simple questions. - Premium WordPress themes and plugins

Pros of Using ThemeIsle

  • Plenty of attractive themes
  • Useful plugins
  • Amusing company personality

Cons of Using ThemeIsle

  • Prices are somewhat high
  • Customer services are do-it-yourself for some members

Conclusion - Premium WordPress themes and plugins

Whether you’re starting your first website or you have years of experience building WordPress sites, ThemeIsle has themes and plugins that can make your sites more attractive and functional. There are, of course, hundreds of companies that sell WordPress themes. ThemeIsle stands apart by testing all of its themes to make sure they perform well. It isn’t just about good looks. It’s also about getting results.

ThemeIsle is also easier to use than some stores. You really don’t need much technological experience to get started with one of the company’s WordPress themes. That’s certainly not the case for a lot of companies. It’s actually kind of strange that so many theme sellers expect customers to know a lot about Web development. If people already had that expertise, they wouldn’t need so much support from third-party providers. ThemeIsle seems to understand this better than most of its competitors.

As noted above, ThemeIsle is a little pricier than some of its competitors. Personally, I don’t think the extra expense matters that much. The themes and plugins work well. Realistically, we’re talking about an extra $20 or so per year. That’s a small amount for a WordPress theme that has been fully debugged and tested. If you’ve ever struggled with themes sold by lesser companies, you probably agree that a few bucks more is worth it.

Still, you should always compare your options. ThemeIsle is a competitive company that you should consider. - Premium WordPress themes and plugins