Sucuri Review


sucuri internet securtiy provider

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Location: United States
Cost: From $89.99/year
Year Founded: 2009

Sucuri Review

Sucuri is a website malware scanner which is one the best ones out there. The performance is stellar, the price is just right and there is even a free site checkup right on the front page of the website. Sucuri is not just a malware scanner though; it is a complete website security package which not only removes harmful entities from your website but also informs you when you have a potential threat.

People usually think that their little WordPress website won’t be a target but hackers and malware injectors have no codes of honor. Big or small they just want to get information. These unsuspecting website owners are the ones which are being targeted the most. Thousands and thousands of less known websites get attacked and hacked each year and the repercussions are way bigger than we are made to think. If you are a website owner and have a steady stream of online traffic it is your job to make sure nothing harmful gets distributed from your end and Sucuri will make sure it doesn’t.


That’s not all though, you also face being blacklisted by search engines like Google, which makes it a lot harder to gain monetary benefits from your website. Not only you will lose a lot of traffic due to a malware attack but you will also lose the trust of your regular visitor. Sucuri is the best online protection tool which can make sure you don’t have any harmful scripts and malware hiding on your site and ensure that you are informed properly and in time.

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Top Features Of Sucuri

There are many reasons why we could recommend Sucuri over other services. But we will only cover the best features which are bound to be helpful and have a real impact on your website’s security.

Disadvantages of Sucuri

There are not many hard hitting disadvantages of Sucuri. It is exactly what it says it does and does it well. Some may argue that the price is a bit high than usual but their service is incredible and the price is well justified.

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The basic Sucuri package starts from $89.99 a year. This includes Malware detection, blacklist monitoring, instant alerts, malware clean up, server side scanning and blacklist removal. If you have multiple websites (2 to 5) then you can get Sucuri for $189.99 per year. If you have more than 5 you can get the business package for $289.99/year which is good for up to 10 websites. To be honest these prices are very reasonable. If your website is important to you and you cannot afford to lose traffic due to blacklisting or malware warnings, Sucuri is the best choice.

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Customer Service

Sucuri provides you with excellent customer service. They claim that it only takes them less than four hours during work hours. They usually reply within an hour. Support is also provided outside the working hours (8am – 8pm Eastern Time, Monday – Friday) but might take a bit longer. They use ticketing system which may not be the best, but they do get back to you no matter what.

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If your website generates profits for your then Sucuri is highly recommended for your website. You can never be sure when you may become a victim of a malicious attack or hacking attempt. The under-dog is usually the target best suited for hacking attempts but you can save yourself and your visitors from harm by using a reliable security service like Sucuri.

Sucuri provides the best value for your money. Although the support department may be a little slow, they always get through. Sucuri is highly recommended if you care about your website security, visitor trust and online traffic.

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