StartLogic Review

The Best Hosting Companies for Windows Include StartLogic

Start Logic barely made our top ten and the only reason we included them, they are one of the best hosting companies for Windows hosting, if not the best. The problem is, we don’t stand behind Windows hosting much. If you notice, most of our top ten choices only use Linux servers and there is a reason for that. Just like anything else, Windows hosting has its advantages, however, and that is why StartLogic made it into our final spot.

Startlogic Review

The leader in the industry for Windows hosting, Start Logic specialized in this one specific type of hosting. They offer three packages ranging from $3.95 a month up to $8.95 and the middle package gives you unlimited options. All three packages vary and they work for different types of websites from personal to business.

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Start Logic Fits for Windows Users

If you are looking for Linux hosting, you won’t find it here. StartLogic doesn’t use any Linux servers, which allows them to offer options that are compatible with Windows hosting only. Yes, this eliminates many people that would prefer a more reliable and better performing server, but there are some that loyally trust Windows servers. Take¬†advantage of their big instant saving discount here.

Not that Windows servers are bad, we just prefer Linux and recommend Hostmonster for your hosting needs. However, if you want the best hosting company for Windows, this is the one for you. They offer good packages as competitive prices, but one strange thing is their unlimited package is cheaper than their most expensive package. You don’t see that very often.

You have to spend $5.95 to get unlimited options, but it’s worth it if you love Windows hosting. If not, there are better deals for better hosting out there. With that said, they still beat out hundreds of other companies to land the final spot on our list. We can still stand behind them and tell you they offer better service and support than most other hosting companies and they are the best in the Windows world.

The Top Features of Start Logic Hosting (The $5.95 Plan):

– Unlimited Domain Hosting
– Unlimited Space and Data Transfer
– vDeck 3.0 Control Panel
– Unlimited Email Accounts
– Integrated Google Tools
– Free Domain Name
– Point and Click Sitebuilder
– Free Advertising credits
– And More!

Getting great hosting is not all that easy, if you are a beginner. We don’t recommend Start Logic for beginners because their system isn’t the easiest to use. However, for the advanced, this is a great system. If you are new to hosting, you will do much better with a company, such as Hostmonster hosting that caters their system to those with very little or no experience at all.

Support Offered from StartLogic Hosting

This is where the issues for beginners really begin because if you call up the support team at StartLogic, you will find they can be a bit techy. Yes, it’s nice to know they have the knowledge, but they also need to be able to communicate that knowledge to those without any experience. Beginners may find their support team to be a bit over their head.

The good news is they respond super quick and they are very friendly. They are just a bit over the top with how technical they can be, which doesn’t come as much surprise considering the size of the company. They are on the smaller side, which causes their support team to be very knowledgeable, but also they struggle to communicate with beginners.

What Start Logic Does Well

StartLogic does some things very well and they know it. You don’t reach the 100,000-customer number without doing something right. They provide reliable hosting on Windows servers with all the tools you need to sell online, put up a blog or just a personal website. They help you get the proper hosting for search engine optimization and they also secure all your files.

For a hosting company, they are not great, but they are much better than most choices out there, especially if you don’t want a Linux server. They are a smaller company with room to grow and over the next few years could either make it big or fall off the map. Chances are they will sustain their position for a while and we will just have to see what happens to this company.

Why We Don’t Stand Behind them Fully

The one specific reason we don’t stand behind StartLogic like we do with Hostmonster and some of our other top companies, they use Windows servers. Some of our top choices give you the choice, but most at least offer Linux servers, which we recommend highly. Hostmonster uses highly reliable servers that outperform all the rest and that is why they are on top and not Start Logic.

If you are specifically looking for great Windows hosting, StartLogic may provide you with exactly what you need. However, it you don’t care one-way or the other or you want the best servers possible, you need a company with Linux servers. They are more reliable and more of the best hosting companies use Linux exclusively.Visit the Startlogic Websites for the Lowest Coupon Offers Currently Available, Here

Our Final Thoughts about StartLogic Web Hosting

StartLogic beat out hundreds of other companies to take our final spot and that is quite an accomplishment considering there were larger companies we could have put in the same spot. We stand behind Start Logic for those searching for Windows hosting, but they are not the best hosting company you will find. They have a long way to go to catch up to Hostmonster website hosting.

With that said, you won’t go wrong with a StartLogic package if you love Windows. They offer the best Windows servers out there and the best features for all the projects you could ever want to start online. With all the top scripts, tools and a very easy to use site builder, you will find their hosting to be a good choice. Just keep in mind, if you are new to hosting, their support may speak over your head at times.