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Collaboration is a part of almost any business. It doesn’t matter if you are involved in SEO technology, or you are an affiliate marketer, collaboration is often the key to success. There are many products on the market that offer a wide variety of collaboration tools, but is designed to give you all the tools you need in one place. Whether you need to collaborate every day or just for specific projects, you can do it easily with

Top Features of has a amazing amount of features that are all designed to help you collaborate on anything. Whether you need to collaborate on a affiliate marketing campaign or you work with a team of writers, has the features you need to make this happen. By giving you access to all these features in one place, can be your one stop source for all your collaboration needs.

File Sharing:

The most important aspect to any collaboration project is sharing information. has a very easy to use file sharing system that allows you to share the information you need to share. While most collaboration products offer file sharing, SmartSheet takes it one step further by allowing you to decide who has access and who doesn’t.

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This means that if you have a member of your team that needs access to information the others don’t, you can make that happen. By having control of the information you share, you can make sure to get the right things to the right people.

Alerts and Reminders:

Most of us are busy people and while we do our best, we can forget things. Because they know that our lives are busy, offers a variety of alerts and reminders. Not only is this good for you, but it’s good for the rest of the team as well. By having alerts and reminders available, you always know when you have to have things done.

Along with knowing when you have to have things done, you can also set it up so that other people working with you know as well. This may seem like a small thing but if you have ever missed an important deadline because you forgot, you realize how important this feature really is.

Gannt Charts:

Collaboration can be messy, especially when everyone is trying to understand the information. For this reason SmartSheet has a Gannt Chart feature. Gannt Charts are easy to create and allow all the information to be displayed in an intuitive way. This means that instead of everyone getting their own picture of the facts, it is all in one place and easy to understand. Miscommunications can slow down any project, but by using the Gantt Chart you can make sure that you minimize this happening.


While the alerts and reminders are good for keeping you mindful of what’s coming up, a calendar helps you organize things day by day. The calendar is something that you can use to help keep everyone on the same page. For example if one of your writers needs to know what Monday will bring they can access the calendar and look. This calendar is great for those who have to work with people in different time zones and is an excellent tool to help keep everyone on the same page.

And More:

As if the above features weren’t enough to make any collaboration easy, offers more. From mobile linking through data reporting, SmartSheet offers enough features and tools to make any collaboration project successful. While some other products offers some of these features, SmartSheet may be the only product that offers them all. By giving you access to so many customizable features, SmartSheet allows you to work how you want, when you want and with who you want. Pricing has four levels of pricing. The first level is their basic package which costs $15.95 and give you access to all their basic features. The next step up is the advanced package which is priced at $29.95 and gives you everything you get in basic as well as webforms and reporting.

Next is the Team pricing plan which costs $49.95 a month and gives you everything but single sign on and automated provisioning. Finally there is the Enterprise level and this gives you access to every feature of but you will have to call for pricing information as each company’s needs may be a bit different.

The Downsides of Using

While is one of the best collaboration products on the market, it does have a couple small problems. The first problem is that while it is designed to be used by anyone, this also means that almost anyone can mess things up pretty easily. You can work around this problem simply by restricting certain access on a need only basis.

The other problem with is that to get the full functionality of the product you have to put up a lot of money. Thankfully not every project needs all these features so you can select the package that works best for your needs. Customer Support

If there is one place SmartSheet truly outshines other similar products, it is in customer support. Not only does offer the standard customer service via email, but it also offers live online support and more. Because they want you to be comfortable with using their product, SmartSheet offers several different webinars and classes all designed to help you learn how to use their product better.

Along with webinars, SmartSheet also has a blog that they update quite often that is designed to help their customers use their product better. In a day and age where customer support seems dead, SmartSheet has really gone out of their way to offer some of the best customer support you can find.


If you have a need to collaborate on any project, having a resource such as is wonderful. In a day and age of people working together all over the planet, offers the perfect tool for you to make it happen. Whether you have a small team or a team of hundreds, has everything you need to make collaboration a success.