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Email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective, forms of online marketing. Aside from being among the first forms of internet marketing approaches, email marketing does more than just send letters to targeted leads, but infiltrate the inbox of potential customers, which is a big leap from other marketing schemes.

But given the changing trends in internet business, many online entrepreneurs are finding hard to use email marketing as their mails are often hailed as spam by their recipients. The stringent rules of email servers also classify certain types of incoming mail as spam, even if they are not. These situations thus require more advanced tools to allow email marketing letters land on the inbox folder itself, and among these apps that you can use is is an SMTP relay cloud service that optimizes email deliverability. Through this program, clients are able to boost their email deliverability rate and make sure that their mails are sent to their recipients’ inbox, and not to their spam folder.

Top Features of’s software package comes with a wide variety of features, and among them are:

Prices of Plans comes in two different email solutions, the transactional email and the enterprise solution.
The transactional email solution is targeted to clients who are looking for ways to reach out to their customers. These include customer service email solutions and other forms of communication email.

The enterprise package meanwhile includes transactional, marketing, and mobile email for high-volume senders. In this solution, clients are able to utilize the platform’s cloud-based framework and integrate different email types for faster delivery.
The pricing rates of are:

  • Bronze. The Bronze plan costs $9.95 a month, and provides up to 40,000 email credits per month. It is ideal for startup users, or those who are currently focusing on a small client base.
  • Silver. The Silver plan is the most popular among the packages of It costs $79.95 per month, and includes up to 100,000 of email credits per month. This package also comes with a truckload of features such as email statistics, custom integration and other advanced APIs.
  • Gold. The Gold plan costs $199.95 per month. It offers up to 300,000 email credits per month, as well as increased platform features.
  • Platinum. The Platinum plan costs $399.95 per month and is ideal for big businesses. It offers up to 700,000 email credits per month, and is suitable for customers who are conducting different types of email marketing approaches.

The Downside of

One major downside of is that it doesn’t have a free trial to entice its potential customers. A free trial period can be very helpful as customers are looking for ways to feel and try out not just the effectiveness of the service, but also the features that come with it.’s platform also requires a few workarounds when you are going to perform custom integration for your emails. There are some emails that are being blocked by email servers due to their certain technical glitches, but these can be easily fixed when you call up’s customer service and relay the issue.

Customer Service has a customer service team that’s available for contact via phone, email and live chat. The platform’s CS team is actually commended for their outstanding performance towards clients. They team’s agents have recently scored high points for assisting clients in their technical needs and queries, especially about making custom tweaks in their email integration to avoid getting blocked by email servers. These agents also make it a point to guide their callers through the workaround procedures, keeping in the loop during the fix.

Conclusion proves to be a good choice for clients who are conducting regular customer communications via email. This is because this platform not only offers faster email delivery, but as well as a wide variety of other features that allow users to perform multiple email delivery tasks. In other cases, you may have to use one platform for transactional email, and another for marketing, which can be quite of a hassle.
Clients are able to do both transactional and marketing emails at the same time, and as well track the email statistics on a real time basis. This is very helpful when you are focused on sending marketing packages to target leads, as they get to see how their emails are sent and received, and the best times to blast out their emails.