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The emergence of various cheap web hosting providers has made it more difficult to search for a truly dependable hosting service. This is mainly because these webhost providers offer almost the same types of packages-quality can only be measured once the service is actually used.
To many aspiring website owners and online entrepreneurs, switching from one webhost to another just to find the best service can be a big chore, not to mention a waste of time and money. However, if you are determined to settle with only the best, then perhaps you should check out the webhost solutions of


Reliable Hosting is one of the oldest webhost providers existing today. Established back in 1994 in California, this webhost provider has grown to be one of the most dependable hosting services available in the market, with a specialization in video streaming. To those who are intending to set up a video streaming site for their business, then this can be the hosting service to get.

Top features of
Among the top features of Reliable Hosting that customers may want to look at are:
• High bandwidth video servers. Reliable Hosting specializes on high bandwidth servers that are capable of providing on time streaming service with the least downtime occurrence. This feature is very important as most websites these days are now dependent on video streaming to attract more audiences.
• Over 900 dedicated servers. Reliable Hosting is among the companies that house the largest dedicated servers today, as it has been catering to various clients since 1995.
• Full technical script support. This webhost provider offers a wide range of scripts that make website building and maintenance a breeze. Among the available scripts featured in Reliable Hosting are SSI, MySQL, ASP, PHP 3-4, CGI, and Front Page extensions.
• Supports all kinds of video formats. The video streaming packages of Reliable Hosting are compatible to all types of video formats, including Real, ASF, Vivo, WMV, MOV, etc.
• Fast and consistent connectivity. Because of its server strength, Reliable Hosting is able to provide fast and consistent connectivity, which is needed by most websites today.

Reliable Hosting comes in various packages that cater to different customer needs. These include:
• Shared web hosting. The Shared web hosting package offered by Reliable Hosting consists of 75GB regular transfer, 1500MB disk space, Linux hosting with CPanel OS. This package costs at a minimum of $6 per month.
• Virtual private network. The VPN hosting meanwhile consists of monthly accounts of PPTP/L2TP/SSTP, and costs around $7 per month.
• Virtual private server. The VPS hosting package of Reliable Hosting costs $75 per month, and includes 300GB bandwidth, Intel Core II E6300 1.87GHZ, 30GB disk space, and 384MB memory. Prices for this package begin at $75 per month.
• Colocation. Colocation packages are hosted by multiple servers in separate locations. With a bandwidth of 800GB, this package begins at $75 per month.
• Dedicated servers. Dedicated server packages consist of regular transfer of 800GB, with Intel Quad Core E3-1220 3.1GHZ, 4GB DDRII RAM, 2,250GB SATA HD. This package begins at $165 per month.
Reliable Hosting also accommodates upgrade and downgrade of hosting plans with no extra cost.

The Downsides of using

There are no major downsides in using the services of Reliable Hosting. However, since its hosting packages cater to clients with larger needs, such as those running marketing and ecommerce sites, Reliable Hosting may not be ideal for smaller sites, like personal blogs. This is because users may not be able to use the features offered by Reliable Hosting to the fullest, unless they have plans to expand the functions of their websites in the future.
Reliable Hosting’s plans are quite more expensive compared to the industry average. This can be a hurdle as many webhost providers are offering almost the same services at lower costs.

Customer Support

Reliable Hosting is not only known for being one of the most established webhost providers in the market; it is also among those that provide outstanding customer support to its clients.
Reliable Hosting has a frontline team of customer support agents who are available to accommodate client inquiries 24/7. They handle general customer queries, billing issues, and as well as add-on services.
The tech support team of Reliable Hosting is also commendable; they are composed of engineers who are experts in Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, RedHat, Linux, CentOS, and FreeBSD.


If you are looking for a quality web host provider that is capable of keeping up with your growing website and online marketing needs, then you may as well try out the services of Reliable hosting. This is because you can save more in having a larger package that you can use when the time right, rather than upgrading your plan to a bigger package just to accommodate your website needs.
Reliable Hosting is also a recommended service provider if your content deals more with videos and other multimedia formats. For example, if you will be adding various apps and plug-ins to make your website interactive, then you will have to subscribe to a more powerful hosting provider that’s specialized in video streaming. This is because if you use a regular hosting service, chances of lagging and downtime may be higher, and this is something you don’t want to experience.
Reliable Hosting is likewise a great option for website owners and marketers who are into doing live streaming and tutorials. By having a strong hosting service, they are able to conduct real time video blogs and tutorials without the risk of getting cut off in the middle of their presentation. This feature is highly essential as by being able to deliver their services on time, they more they attract target audiences.
Reliable Hosting may be a bit more expensive compared to its competitors, but it is worth the investment. After all, customers are not only paying for the webhost service itself; they are investing on a security net that will allow them to stay standing in the online market competition amidst changing technologies and trends.