mSpy Review

mSpy Review

I found shortly after I caught my oldest son looking at inappropriate material on the Internet. We all know that this stuff is out there. Most of the time we just choose to ignore it as best we can. The truth is that some of this material is really dangerous. I’m not just talking about sexual content or gross humor. Even terrorist organizations use websites to recruit teenagers. It’s really scary knowing that your children are growing up in a time when parents have so little control over what they see and hear.Click Here To Visit mSpy Official WebsiteAt the time, I didn’t know what my options were. I just knew that I had to find a way to monitor my children’s activities online. I didn’t want to take away their Internet access or their phones. Those tools are too important for today’s young people. Blocking them from the Internet would put them at a real disadvantage at school and in their future careers.


After a few weeks of research, I decided to try A lot of reviewers had positive things to say about the company and its services. It seemed to have good customer services. And I could use it on the devices my family already owned. The more I learned, the more convinced I was that could protect my kids from inappropriate content. I felt better as soon as I installed the software.During my research, I also learned that mSpy’s products can help employers keep an eye on their employees. The advantage to employers is pretty obvious. They need their workers focused on completing tasks, not messing around on the Internet, where they could accidentally encounter malware that would hurt the entire - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphonesTop Features of mSpy.comI’ve installed products on my family’s computers and smartphones. I don’t manage a company, so I don’t have any experience with that part of I’ve included a couple features that employers might like, though, just to help other people decide whether they want to choose - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphonesMy favorite features include:

  • Geo-fencing. This is something I didn’t expect from It is really useful, though. With geo-fencing, you can tell smartphones to send you emails whenever your kids enter “restricted zones.” If you want your kids to stay out of the bad part of town, this is the way to do it. You can access a map that shows you their movements throughout the day. Considering how much time my kids spend on their phones, I’m not worried that they will leave the devices behind just so they can get into some mischief.
  • Access to Web History. This is the main reason I chose It lets me look up every website my kids visit. It even shows me what time they looked at the sites. My kids know that I have the software. That’s enough to keep them away from inappropriate sites.
  • Web Mailer. I want to know what my kids are writing to other people, and I want to know what they are writing to my kids. I don’t use it to get overly involved in their lives. They have the right to some privacy and they need to make some mistakes that will make them better people. The thing I like about this feature is that I can focus on certain types of emails. I don’t need to know about who my son is dating. That’s his business. I do need to know if an adult is sending him inappropriate emails.
  • SMS and Skype Monitoring. This is basically the same thing as the Web Mailer, expect it tells me about text and Skype messages. - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphonesFeatures I think employers would like:

  • Keylogger. I know a lot of companies already use keyloggers so they know what their employers are typing. During my research, I saw that a lot of those programs are much more expensive than
  • Internet Monitoring. Companies can use this to track online activity.
  • App and Program Control. In my experience, company computer networks usually have programs that very few employees need to access. This feature makes it easier for managers to control who has access to which apps and programs.
  • Analyze It. Realistically, an employer isn’t going to look at the movements of every employee who carries a company smartphone. With this feature, managers can track several phones at once. - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for Product Features and has a lot of pricing options depending on what services you want and how you prefer to pay. I don’t want it to get complicated, so I’ll list the prices and features that you get with each option. Of course, this is only accurate for when I last looked over the different features. Prices may change, so it’s always smart to review the website before making a decision.Phone Protection Packages - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphones

Basic Features


  • GPS location
  • Emails
  • Web history
  • Text messages
  • Call history
  • Installed apps
  • Uninstall attempts

Price: $29.99 if you sign up for one month of service. $19.99 per month if you sign up for three months of service. $8.33 per month if you sign up for a year of service. Obviously the year-long commitment is the best price. - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphones

Premium Features:

Everything from the Basic package, plus:

  • Keylogger
  • Geo-fencing
  • WhatsApp monitoring
  • Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, and iMessage monitoring
  • Blocks unwanted apps and websites
  • Remote lock

Price: $69.99 for one month. $39.99 per month for a three-month commitment. $16.65 for customers who sign up for a year of services. - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphones

Family Kit Features:

Everything from Basic and Premium for up to five subscriptions.Price: $19.99 per month if you sign up for six months of services. $13.33 per month if you sign up for a year. - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphonesDesktop Protection Packages

Basic Features

  • Keylogger
  • Web Mailer
  • Screenshots
  • Monitors apps
  • Automatic software updates

Price: $29.99 per month. $13.33 per month if you sign up for three months of service. $5.83 per month if you commit to a year.

Family Kit Features:

Everything from Basic for up to five subscriptions.

Price: $6.65 per month with a six-month commitment. $4.65 per month with a year-long commitment.

Bundle Kit

Price: $84.99 for one month. $45.33 per month for three months. $19.17 per month with a year’s commitment. - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphonesCriticism of mSpy.comSome people argue that makes it easy for parents and employers to invade privacy. I admit that there is the potential for abuse. You have to use this software responsibly. It’s not intended to help you break the law. That said, kids don’t have many legal protections. It’s up to parents to decide how they can best protect their children.Simply put: if you aren’t authorized to install software on a smartphone or computer, do not put anything from If you do, then you’re probably breaking the - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for Customer SupportYou can contact customer service via email, Live Chat, or social media. The company has profiles on popular sites like Google Plus, Twitter, and - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphonesFAQ About

[+] Do device users know that mSpy has been installed?

The mSpy logo comes up when you first turn a device on. If the user knows what it is, then they will know that the software has been installed. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, since it could encourage people to behave themselves online.

[+] Can I use on a jailbroken phone?

You can use most features on a phone that has been jailbroke. Some features, however, may not work.

[+] What if I don’t like mSpy? Can I get a refund?

You can get a refund within 10 days of purchase.

[+] How many devices can I monitor?

As many as you want. Keep in mind that the more devices you add, the more you will spend on monitoring services. - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphonesThe Internet is a great invention, but it seems to bring out the worst as well as the best in people. In my opinion, this makes it necessary for parents to monitor their children’s online activities. I wouldn’t bar my children from using new technology, but I certainly don’t trust young people to always make the right choices online. It’s not that I don’t trust them. The fact is that all kids make mistakes.The same goes for companies that want to make sure employees don’t put themselves and others in offers plenty of features that help parents and companies monitor activity. I have yet to find a better option that gives me so many ways to keep my kids safe. Whether you’re trying to protect your family or your company, has great features to meet that - Tracking, monitoring and parental control software for smartphones

Phone: +1 855 896 0041
Location: London, UK
Cost: from $8.33/month
Year Founded: 2011

Pros of Using

  • Plenty of features to protect companies and children
  • Affordable rates, especially if you’re willing to make a year’s commitment
  • Geo-fencing provides real-world protection
  • Automatic updates to make sure software offers the latest features

Cons of Using

  • Could be used to invade someone’s privacy