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Phone: 1.888.81.MOCHA (available via callback)
Location: California
Shared Cost: From $1.95 / Month
Year Founded:

What is was developed to bring the skills of an online service provider to businesses that need holistic and flexible online websites for their web computing. determined that they would launch a company that would provide superior customization with economical prices.

MochaHost is located in San Jose, California and specializes in hosting, web design, Internet promotion services as well as e-commence.

Top Features of MochaHost

In 2002, MochaHost was launched to be Online Central and began working with clients to provide the highest quality web hosting and design services.

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  • MochaHost prides itself on the quality of it staff. Our expert staff has a great deal of experience in all aspects and levels of web design, hosting and consulting. The team members at MochaHost have education from the most prestigious schools and industry leaders. They help MochaHost build business relationships and provide confidence to clients with their high ethics and skills. Research is our key word when demining what it takes for your partners and clients to be successful.
  • MochaHost provides clients with the best access times that are fast and reliable. Using data centers located in Chicago, Illinois, MochaHost is equipped with USP backup, tape libraries, 24/7 monitoring of websites, security alarms and generators. Nothing is left to chance concerning the security of client data.
  • The pride of MochaHost is the ability to allow their clients companies to grow. They provide their client companies with the necessary sets of tools that ensure the future of the security of data. Mocha Host’s mission is to ensure that clients select the best hosting plan that provides professional services offered at an affordable price. Stay away from those hosting companies that offer “all-in-one” series at prices that are ridiculously low. After researching hosting sites you will find the MochaHost is the best source for your company.
  • MochaHost provides a unique server that is green. MochaHost’s setup saves almost 2,000,000 watts on every server every year. This saves p to 3,000 pounds of CO2 emissions. A whole forest of trees is saved by using MochaHost.

    Customized built servers are categorized as Enterprise-class servers and are tailored to each client’s needs. Staying on top of the latest computing technologies and procuring the latest in hardware available on the market is the goal of MochaHost. All servers use the latest components and product the upmost performance per cubic inch. This provides high efficiency.

    Green servicers are high density and use those components that are equivalent in power to non-green or on-energy efficient components. Power supplies the memory add CPU units are labelled green.

  • Watching all of your servicers includes all running services that encompass e-mail, database, DNS, RAID or drives performance and Control Panels will be provided to your staff on a 2/7 time frame. If anything fails or goes wrong MochaHost’s staff is immediately notified and experienced staff will immediately begin repairs and analysis though support ticket systems.
  • MochaHost performs daily and weekly scans of your service and approved patches and software updates as needed.
  • System performance checks ensure that MochaHost’s hardware and software is always functioning at top performance.
  • Hardware replacement of any defective server components is done immediately.
  • MochaHost always notifies clients when scheduled server and software upgrades and maintenance is performed.

MochaHost’s Pricing Policies

MochaHost offer specials during different seasons of the year. For example, winter specials are good until February 28, 2013 include a 50% lire time discount. If you sign up for MochaHost’s SoHo/Business Plan for a 3 year period and clients receive free setup.

Sign up for the Mocha Plan on a three year contract receive a 30% discount plus free setup and a free static IP address.

Sign up for any dedicated server and receive a 10% discount plus free setup and four static IPs. All you need is a six month’s contract with MochaHost.

VPS hosting is provided at a 30% discount, one lifetime free domain name, 180 day risk free guarantee plus 180 free tools, unlimited bandwidth, free control panel and administrative access and instant reboot. All of these services are offered at a low price of $11.17 per month.

Web and ecommerce hosting is provided at $1.95 per month. This includes a 50 percent lifetime discount plus a free lifetime domain name, 180 day risk fee guarantee and 180 free tools. You will also receive unlimited sites, spaces and bandwidth. A free site builder is included and all packages will be ecommerce ready. MochaHost offers Linux, Windows & Java hosting.

Companies are looking for budget-priced Cloud Hosting and MochaHost offers these services at $48 per month. This price includes a free domain name, 180 days risk free guaranteed and your service is fully managed with unlimited bandwidth and full administrative access. There is 24/7 support and we specialize in Linux, Windows & Java/Tomcat interaction.

The Downside of Using MochaHost

MochaHost has won awards as the best support team in 2009 by The prices MochaHost quotes are generalized and customization will change the price structure. Do be aware that MochaHost uses a data center in Chicago, Illinois and if this site goes down there are no other data centers to take over. You may find that your company is without a server for a time. This is highly unusual, however with the superb service that MochaHost guarantees its clients.

MochaHost’s Customer Service

Customer support is MochaHost’s crowning glory; in addition to it high technology expertise. The support team at MochaHost is experienced and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. MochaHost has consistently been ranked number one based on surveys conducted by between fifty major web hosting providers. The average support response time of MochaHost is 24 minutes. This is highly unprecedented in the web hosting and design industry.

MochaHost shrives to always maintain the highest possible level of customer service. The client is the most important part of MochaHost. Feedback and implementing their client’s suggestions lists high at MochaHost’s facilities.


Any size organization can be taken care of by MochaHost. This includes web and cloud hosting, web design and implementation. Superior and expert customer service makes MochaHost a very viable option for your computing business.