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About Media Temple

Whether you’re a small business or an individual and in need of a web site Media Temple has the capacity, tools and customer service to fit any hosting need. They’ve been doing it since 1998 – that’s a long time in cyber years, with a mission to help people and businesses succeed online.

Media Temple the tools you need for, web hosting, virtual servers, business applications, domain registration and cloud services that power over a million websites around the world. They provide competitive pricing and 24/7 customer support. And though they have the capacity to service large companies like Adidas, Toyota, Samsung, and Starbucks their easily managed tools are perfect for both small business and individual professionals. Media Temple has also been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

Top Features of Media Temple

Back in 2006 Media Temple saw the changes affecting the web and all the new traffic that was crashing traditional servers. Something new was needed that could handle overnight load spikes without costing a lot. In essence, they re-invented web hosting. Here are a few of their top products and services.

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SSL certificate

If you operate a commerce site you know it is hard to complete a deal or have customers purchase from your site unless they know their personal information is safe and secure. Media Temple provides an easy and cost-effective SSL certificate that can help you improve business. It also creates a secure, encrypted connection that gives your customers peace of mind.

Media Temple’s GeoTrust QuickSSL certificate is the most common type of certificate, offering just the right features for most sites, including over 99% browser compatibility, compatibility with many mobile device browsers, 2048-bit root, 256-bit encryption and automatic authentication and issuance that just takes minutes. And they make it easy with tools that install SSL certificates automatically.

Private Cloud Service

low cost web hostMedia Temple goes the extra mile with their simple and affordable Helix cloud service. It’s fast, efficient and its open source OS makes it compatible with a variety of community-developed tools and applications. You also don’t need a PhD to navigate Helix’s easy to use, intuitive control panel – everything is right where you’d expect them to be.

Helix also gives you separate and secure data storage that is isolated from everybody else’s data and you control when and how it’s exposed to the open Internet. The best thing about Helix, though, is that you’ll never sacrifice performance due to other users data uses – that can happen quite frequently on many public cloud services.

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Site/Domain Transfer

One of Media Temple’s newest products is Otto, a new people-driven service that lets you easily transfer websites, applications and domains. It’s one of the easiest ways to switch hosting providers, and cost-efficient, as well. In the past it took a great deal of time, involving hours of work and complicated logistics. Otto allows you to migrate from your current host to Media Temple with immediate access to all of their site tools and personalized customer service.

It doesn’t matter the size of your site – from high trafficked media sites to new bloggers – you can just sit back and let Media Temple do all the work. Otto’s two major components include: The SiteMover service that automatically moves a website, while DomainMover flawlessly transfers commonly registered domains. And SiteMover will automatically audit all widgets or plug-ins and updates them to the most recent version whenever possible, giving you better site performance and security.

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Media Temple Pricing

  • Web Hosting
    • $10/mo. – Virb Site Builder.Build your own customized site quick
      and easy. Great for small business, artists, novices.
    • $20/mo. – Grid Service. Clustered reliability, burstable power.
      Perfect for start ups, developers and designers.
    • $50/mos. – VPS Hosting. Virtual private hosting with double the RAM.
      Great choice for all businesses, resellers, designers and developers.
  • Cloud Services
    • $7,500/month for complete Helix service. You’ll pay almost 3x as much in your first year from comparable services.
  • Website/Domain Transfer
    • $150 per site and as little as $25 per domain.

The Downsides of Using Media Temple

For small to median-sized businesses Media Temple can be a great hosting choice with innovative tools and design for most business applications. For individuals, such as artists, writers, actors and others who won’t have high volume traffic on their sites perhaps there are hosting sites with simpler interfaces to consider. Some users have experienced slow performance with large databases and some users outside the U.S. have also experienced slow server performance.

What Media Temple offers is a streamlined approach to hosting with the capacity, technology and customer service needed in today’s high-volume online environment. No hosting service is perfect but you want one that’s going to be there when problems do arise and Media Temple provides that reliability.

Media Temple Customer Support?

media temple web host
Temple provides superb 24/7 personalized customer service and they pride themselves on always being available at any time and for keeping hold times to 2 minutes or less. That can be important when you have a site problem that’s costing you money or preventing customer access, even in the middle of the night on New Year’s Day.

Their online chat feature is a plus for many users who don’t have time to use the phone but need quick results provided by a live tech. Of course, there is going to be times when the tech gods are angry and you’ll find it takes longer to resolve issues but overall Media Temple provides superior customer service over all their product lines.


The combination of Media Temple’s innovative products and services and commitment to make customers happy, whether providing online chats or small wait times or even refunds when things do go wrong makes them one of the leading hosting services around.

Pricing is competitive and in some areas you get greater value than many other leading web hosting companies. In the end, whether you’re a blogger or a big time conglomerate, Media Temple has all the tools and power necessary to support today’s web hosting needs.

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