InMotionHosting Review

What the Website Hosting Reviews Say About InMotion Hosting

If you have heard of InMotion hosting, it’s most likely because you need or have dedicated hosting. They are the leader when it comes to a dedicated server for your hosting. However, the website hosting reviews all say that InMotion’s shared hosting packages are overpriced. Those looking for shared hosting for a blog or website should choose HostMonster instead because they are much cheaper.

website hosting reviewsInMotion is known for their speed zone, which makes your website and email faster. They claim it makes it 3 times faster than competitors do, but we only found it to be just a bit faster and very similar in speed to most other top hosting companies. If you plan to use InMotion for your hosting, understand that they can provide you with one of the best dedicated servers, but they are not the leaders for shared hosting. Try out their hosting package with 90 days money back guaranteed here.

 The Three Shared Hosting Packages from InMotion

Starting at $5.95 per month, you can get a shared hosting package that will allow you to build and house 2 websites. If you spend a couple dollars more per month, they will allow you to house 6 websites on your account. Their most expensive plan, at $13.95 per month, allows you to house 25 websites. This may seem great if you only need to build a few websites, but for internet marketers or those that know 25 websites won’t be enough, you can find unlimited domain hosting from another hosting company, such as Hostmonster.

The three packages offer many good options, such as WordPress hosting, which allows you to easily put up a blog and manage it. WordPress is a very important tool and most shared hosting companies offer it within their package. We do like the control panel InMotion gives you. It is very easy-to-use and looks very clean.

The Features Offered from InMotion Hosting:

– Unlimited Disk Space
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– Up to 25 websites on the same accountwebsite hosting reviews
– Unlimited subdomains (not including the cheapest plan)
– Multiple Website Builders
– Multiple Shopping Cart Programs
– Blogging tools, such as WordPress
– And Much More!

With all the great features offered by InMotion, you can see why many of the website hosting reviews about this company are positive. However, we did mention that many of the website hosting reviews stated they think the hosting is a bit expensive and they are not wrong. InMotion really sells their shared web hosting to get you to upgrade to VPS or dedicated server hosting because these are their best products.

If we were going to choose a top web hosting company based on the website hosting reviews from those using dedicated server hosting, InMotion would certainly be in one of the top two spots. They offer great dedicated servers that can give you the reliable platform you need to really boost your website’s performance.

The only issue is that 99% of those needing hosting don’t need a dedicated server. They just need a shared hosting account with unlimited options and all the right tools, like what Hostmonster offers. Only the medium to large and a few of the small businesses will need dedicated server hosting. Internet marketers can use shared hosting, but some may prefer dedicated hosting. In this instance, we do recommend InMotion website hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting from InMotion

If a server 100% dedicated to you and your projects is what you need, this is the hosting company for you. They offer servers ranging from $200 a month and up, depending on the size and overall resources you need. These are managed servers, which means all the technical stuff is taken care of. Just concentrate on building and managing your online projects while they take care of the rest.

InMotion Reviews uses the best servers money can buy and they ensure you the most speed and uptime with one of their dedicated servers. This allows you to sit back and relax when it comes to your hosting. You can use custom security options for the highest level of protection, along with all the resources to ensure you never experience any lag when accessing your website.

What the Website Hosting Reviews Say about InMotion’s Support

The support offered by InMotion has been called “Amazing”, “Great”, “So Friendly” and “Very Helpful”, by reviewers. They rave about how good InMotion Reviews is with their customers on the phone and through the online chat. We tested their support team and found the website hosting reviews to be dead on. They offer great support with all the usual options available 24/7/365.

We certainly have to give it to them when it comes to support. They only hire knowledgeable support team members and they make sure you get the service you need. Whether you prefer to drop them an email, chat online or pick up the phone and call them, you won’t have to worry because they will answer fast and get you the information you need.

InMotion Offers a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Compared to many of the competing web hosting companies, a 90-day guarantee is one of the best. InMotion gives you a full three months to try out their hosting and if you are not 100% satisfied, you can simply ask for a refund and they will give it to you. Most other companies, such as FatCow and HostMonster only give you a 30-day guarantee and others, like JustHost only offer a pro-rated guarantee.

With enough time to actually build and manage your site for three months before you have to commit 100% to their hosting, you can see whether they are just blowing smoke or if they truly do provide faster hosting for businesses. This is one of the industry’s best guarantees and if you are a skeptic, this might be the perfect company for you.Visit the Inmotion Reviews Websites for the Lowest Coupon Offers Currently Available, Here

One Final Note About InMotion

When you visit the InMotion website, you will find a comparison chart with a few of, what they call their main competitors. They only list one company that really competes with them on the same level, which is HostGator, and they own the site where the website hosting reviews are. You cannot completely trust all of those reviews, as there are thousands of others spread across the internet. However, we will say, InMotion stacks up quite well against the companies they list, but they are not as good as Hostmonster for shared web hosting.