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Using Gator Host Coupons to Save With the Largest Hosting Company Today

Even though we believe Hostmonster is the best hosting company out there, Gator Host is the largest and we can’t deny that. They host more websites and blogs than any other company online today, but they don’t carry the same hosting as Hostmonster. Even with a HostGator coupon, you cannot get Quad Processor Performance Servers because they don’t offer it.

hostgator review

However, there are many great features that make HostGator hosting a great choice for medium to large businesses that need more than just shared hosting. Yes, they offer three shared hosting choices and they are very good, but if you need shared hosting, we recommend our top choice, Hostmonster Hosting. Those needing virtual or dedicated hosting, however, will do quite well with HostGator web hosting.

What Makes HostGator Different

Many hosting companies offer shared web hosting, but nothing else. They give you one package and that is all you get to choose from. Gator Host offers three packages tailored for the personal website up to the complete business package for you to choose from. They also offer eight different levels of VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, if you need it. try out Hosgator today, take a look at their hosting discount here.

This allows a business to start with the cheaper shared hosting option and build up to a dedicated server over time. You can build from one of the shared web hosting packages to VPS hosting very easily and keep everything balanced between the resources you need and the monthly cost as you go through the different levels.

Businesses looking for more security will appreciate the HostGator coupons and will love the customizable security with both virtual and dedicated server hosting. Of course, if you don’t want to spend as much as these types of hosting cost, you can still use a HostGator coupon to save on one of the shared hosting packages.

The Features Offered with the HostGator Baby Plan(the most popular shared hosting choice):

– Unlimited Disk Space
– Unlimited Bandwidth (data transfer)
– Unlimited domain hosting
– WordPress hosting for bloggers
– $100 Google advertising credit
– Easy to use site builder
– Unlimited MySQL Databases
– And Much More!

Why Choose HostGator Hosting?

If you don’t want to host with our top choice, Hostmonster hosting,Gator Host isn’t a bad choice. They are our 2nd pick out of hundreds of potential companies and they could have been the top choice. However, they cater to larger businesses and don’t provide the same level of personal customer service as hostmonster does for the individual.

Those running a business or in need of more than shared hosting, using a HostGator coupon is the way to go. They are the top choice on the planet for dedicated server hosting unless you plan to buy your own server. The support for VPS and dedicated hosting from HostGator is phenomenal. It’s not quite as good with their shared hosting packages, however.

If you Choose HostGator, Will You Experience Downtime?

A year or so ago, there were many customers from HostGator complaining about downtime, but this issue has been solved. Occasionally the HostGator servers will go down, but they don’t stay down for very long. They guarantee 99.9% uptime, which is the standard in the hosting industry. Sometimes servers do go down, but they are able to get you back up and running in no time.

The support does work very hard and will help you with anything you need, they just don’t respond quite as fast as the support team over at Hostmonster. The other thing we noticed is that even with HostGator coupons, they charge more than hostmonster does. They are actually a little higher than most of the shared web hosting companies offering at least one package today.

What Projects are Best for HostGator Hosting?

HostGator caters to the businessperson and the affiliate marketer. They give you unlimited domain hosting and they will try to convince you (when you reach a specific level) that VPS or dedicated hosting is best for you. They know these are their best products and for business websites with a large amount of traffic or in need of added security, virtual and dedicated hosting makes sense.

Even for the serious affiliate marketer that builds dozens of websites and blogs every year, VPS or dedicated server hosting might become necessary. Starting with one of the three shared hosting packages can help you save money at the beginning, but don’t be surprised if you need to upgrade after you start seeing consistent traffic over 1,000 visitors per day.

HostGator, More than 100% Green!

Many hosting companies have gone green today and all of the top ten we have listed are all 100% green or more. Gator Host used to be just 100% green, but they decided to take it a step further. Being a leader in the hosting industry, they have raised the bar. You can now use their hosting with full confidence, if you care about the environment, because they buy enough wind energy credits to make their company 130% green. Take advantage at their discount Instant coupon here.

This means they are offsetting 30% more than they have to in order to leave absolutely no carbon footprint. If there is another hosting company out there that is only 70% green, they are making up for the other 30%. Environmentalists love HostGator hosting because of this and you may want to look into any rewards you may receive by using a hosting company that is more than 100% green.

Final Thoughts About HostGator Website Hosting

Our final evaluation of HostGator puts them strongly in our top five, but not at the absolute top of the list. We believe they have outgrown the individual a little bit and they cater a bit too much to their larger clients. However, they are still a solid company with a competitive price for shared, VPS and dedicated hosting.

They also offer reseller hosting for those flipping websites or looking to sell hosting for a profit. With one of the Gator Host coupons, you can save on your hosting and you can certainly get a great company to back you with a strong foundation. Just don’t be surprised if you wait in line for support if a bigger company needs support before you do.