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Website: http://www.eleven2.com
Contact: http://www.eleven2.com/contact-eleven2-web-hosting/
Phone: 1-866-353-8362
Location: United States
Shared Cost: From $3.71 / Month
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About Eleven2

This notable, worldwide hosting company supplies its users with dependable, cost-effective web hosting services, which encompass conventional web hosting, reseller hosting, and domain names. These convenient services enable you to register for, or build a server of your own.

Top Features of Eleven2

In addition to its premier web-hosting services, Eleven2 consists of a diverse team of adept developers, musicians, business owners, writer, photographers, and various other professionals. It has reinforced its status as a reputable web hosting provider by bestowing its users with the following features:
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  • Although Eleven2 offers exceptional web hosting services, can feel financial secure with a 60-Day money back guarantee.
  • It servers are located in multiple regions of the globe, including Singapore, Asia, London, England, and Dallas, Texas.
  • The solidarity of their company is fortified by team-dedication and debt-free financial practices.
  • The affable, approachable nature of their customer service team is greatly bolstered by their 24/7 availability.
  • One cannot deny the value of affordable rates, which Eelven2 has eagerly incorporated into its business model.
  • Among its countless hosting features, Eleven2 offers its customers a free, expedient website builder, which is relatively simple to grasp for even the most inexperienced web users.
  • The free software installer integrates 110 scripts with softaculous, systematically offering its users free email alerts when new script updates arise.
  • With free site migrations, any individual hosting a website elsewhere an transfer this data to a Eleven2 hosted site.
  • Its innumerable Cloudfare features include Free CDN hosting, enabling global website caching that boosts load times and provides sites with a continual consistent online presence.
  • With a free website firewall, Eleven2 hosted sites are completely secured from impending threats. Threats reported within the CloudFare community are routinely blocked by the universal firewall in an effort to fortify the security of Eleven2 hosted sites. Customers can enjoy cost-free site protection, by means of hotlink protection, email harvesting, and the community.
  • Eleven2 optimizes all web visitors’ connection routes, increasing web loading times through the implementation of cast routing technology. This greatly increases customer satisfaction.
  • Email and FTP features include free and unlimited accounts, which forgo the limits that are imposed by many other companies. Customers delighted by the removal of such limits.
  • Avid users of Google and Yahoo can utilize these notable email systems on their Eleven2 hosted sites. This magnifies the customers’ positive experience by creasing the means by which they can communicate information.
  • Ease of use is absolutely imperative, and Eleven2 certainly doesn’t underestimate the value of smooth, easy web usage. E2Panel is tactfully designed to assist you with one’s needs, without overcomplicating the process.
  • The datacenter is characterized my numerous, worldwide locations, extending from the US to Europe. All customers are assured by international web hosting.
  • All hosting accounts are subject to daily backups, preventing the loss of critical information.
  • Prioritizes the environment and bioremediation efforts by reducing paper use, and planting one tree for every site hosted. Eleven2 servers expend 30% less energy than competing servers tantamount in performance. Their paperless invoices spares plant life, as Eleven2 never ceases in its environmental efforts.
  • The iPhone app further elevates Eleven2’s supreme hosting services by increasing portability and availability. You can now administer services to your website through your mobile device, using its full functionality to edit databases and more.
  • Constantly evolving with the technological landscape, Eleven2 software features far exceed customer expectations. For example, the latest versions of PhP5 and MySQL 5 are always run on the software. Their advanced software supports Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python, SSI, Curl and GD.
  • The E2panel is a versatile management tool, providing users with the individual agency to add databases, edit databases, establish email accounts, and much more. Free RBskin skin management software is available in multiple languages, to better serve to the international community. Furthermore, its server features encapsulate 250 scripts in the administration epanel, through softaculous.
  • The cloud Server Software Features are fairly expansive, and they include affordable prices, free use, selection among various software, free server monitoring, 24/7 tech service, and free DNS managing. Upon purchasing a domain with Eelven2, you are supplied with instant access to DNS management tools.
  • With instant scalability, Evelen2 enables you to upgrade or downgrade at your own convenience, utilizing cloud servers.
  • Even when customers are unavailable, Eleven2 can monitor servers to optimize protection.
  • Reseller hosting is imperative to users, and they can fully embark upon the resell of domain names and SSL certificates. Every reseller is offered a convenient plan that entails free billing software. Furthermore, WHMCS, or ClientEXEC can manage web users’ website hosting business. An individual, private hosting IP address is assigned to resellers with hosting plans.

Eleven2 Pricing

Eleven2 undoubtedly values the importance of affordability, in an effort to optimize the experience of each user. The starting price of web hosting is 3.71, while reseller hosting and domain names begin at $10.47 and $15.00, respectively.

The Downsides of Using Eleven2

Although Eleven2 price plans are enticing, some users have communicated their dissatisfaction with slow server operation, as well the occasional encounter of website bugs. Although Eleven2 attempts to ensure the greatest level of web and IP security, some users have been directed to random sites from their hosted site.

Eleven2 Customer Support

The Eleven2 customer service team is simply relentless in its capacity to please and cater to its customer base. Web users can utilize a variety of customer service options, as Eleven2 customer support is highly versatile, catering to the needs of all consumers. For the independent minded, self help options offer video tutorials, community forum, and an instant answers knowledge base. Customers may also use the expediency of a simple ticket submission, yielding a response within 20 minutes. Of course, 24/7 tech support and extensive customer service phone hours are looked upon quite favorably my web users.


Eleven2 integrates top notch, advanced technology services, which help ameliorate the customer experience. Through the exemplary performance of its readily accessible and knowledgeable customer service, Eleven2 can successfully enhance the speed, agency, and the web hosting experience of each individual user. If your company is seeking cost-effective, reliable server and hosting solutions, then Eleven2 is a suitable match.