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Review of EBoundHost.com

Most of today’s webhosting services offer a wide array of products. Among them are webhost services, dedicated hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, website building and development, and even SEO and social media integration. While the add-ons are great ways to expand the reach of the webhost provider, there are instances when the quality of its services lowers as the company is no longer focused on its core products.
Well, if you value quality of service over a wide range of services and add-ons, then you may want to go for a webhosting provider that is focused on its key services, such as that of Eboundhost.com.

About EBoundHost.com

Eboundhost.com is a webhost service company that has been in the business since 2000, and it focuses on only four types of hosting solutions. The company believes that by offering only these packages, they are able to commit to delivering high quality services to their clients, something add-ons could never fulfill.

Top features of EBoundHost.com

Probably the best feature of Eboundhost.com is its fast and reliable hosting solutions, which is something all site owners are looking for. Other top features offered by this hosting service are:
• Unlimited web hosting. Eboundhost.com offers unlimited webhosting in terms of disk space and bandwidth, allowing clients to boost up their websites with no or minimal downtime. This feature is very important as it gives clients the better capability to cater to their target market and accommodate the traffic coming into their sites.
• Multiple data centers. Eboundhost.com operates in multiple data centers across the globe. Its main headquarters are located in Los Angeles and Seattle, with state of the art facilities that ensure quality hardware functions 24/7.
• Fast network data speed. The data speed of Eboundhost.com are as follows:
o UK-105 ms
o France-119 ms
o Germany-119 ms
o Moscow-148 ms
o Israel-176 ms
o Turkey-169 ms
o Japan- 186 ms
o Hong Kong-225 ms
o Shanghai-223 ms
o Beijing- 257 ms
o Australia- 216 ms
o South Africa- 276 ms
• Self managed dedicated servers. Eboundhost.com offers enterprise level hosting to its clients who are in need of stronger and faster website needs. With these solutions, clients are not only able to enjoy fast and reliable speeds, but ultra secure and customizable hosting as well.
• Virtual Sever. Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the newest service offered by Eboundhost.com. It promotes multi-tenant sharing and scalable hosting solutions to its clients who are looking for manageable hosting services. This type hosting service is cost-efficient, and fits the needs of clients who are under a budget.
All webhosting solutions offered by Eboundhost.com come with a 30-day money back guarantee, thus giving you more value for money.

Eboundhost.com offers different pricing rates for its hosting solutions in order to clients with varying needs. These are:
• VPS hosting packages
o VPS 100. At $40 per month, this package offers 100GB disk space, 2GB RAM, unlimited traffic, free cPanel/WHM, 2 IP addresses, and 2 CPU cores.
o VPS 300. At $60 per month, this package offers 300GB disk space, 4GB RAM, unlimited traffic, free cPanel/WHM, 2IP addresses, and 3 CPU cores.
• Web hosting. The webhosting solutions of Eboundhost.com begin at $4 per month, and cover a wide range of features such as:
o Unlimited domains
o Unlimited add-on domains
o Unlimited monthly transfer
o Free new domain or transfer
o Host international domains
o SSH access
o SSL encryption
o Static IP option
o Windows compatible
o Mac OSX compatible
o cPanel installer
o Unlimited email addresses, aliases, auto responders
o SPAM protection
• Business hosting. Business hosting begins at $25 per month, and accommodates up to 3 domains per account. Eboundhost.com limits only 40 clients per server, in contrast to other hosting solutions that carry up to 80 clients per server.
• Dedicated server. Dedicated server packages start at $99 per month, depending on the features requested by the client.

The Downsides of using EBoundHost.com

The hosting packages of Eboundhost.com are definitely top of the line, but they seem to be more ideal for advanced users and site owners who have their own web development personnel. This is because despite the presence of cPanel and one-click script installers, most clients would prefer to have custom made sites. These clients are able to better utilize the services of Eboundhost.com in this manner; they not only enjoy fast and reliable speeds, but also match the hosting with a website that fulfills their internet marketing objectives.
Eboundhost.com may not be suitable for newbie site owners, or those who are not planning to expand the reach of their project websites. The strong features of the company’s hosting solutions may be too much for these users, thus their functions won’t be fully enjoyed.

Customer Support

Unlike other webhost solutions that offer premium customer support only to subscribers of their most expensive packages, Eboundhost.com makes it a point to keep all their clients in the loop by sending regular updates of their services including scheduled maintenance procedures. Clients may also call the company’s CS team for inquiries involving their services, as well as billing and account upgrade anytime of the day.


To those who are looking for high quality, straightforward hosting solutions, then Eboundhost.com is an ideal option. This is because when it comes to reliable server speeds and minimum downtime, this webhost provider keeps up with its word.
If there’s anything clients would have to take note about Eboundhost.com, then that would be the fact that the company’s services are truly above par, considering that they come in affordable prices. Clients would want to assess their website goals first before purchasing the packages of Eboundhost.com, so that that they would be able to utilize the full features of their chosen hosting solution.
In essence, if you are planning to set up a powerful website to cater to your market’s needs, or if you are looking for a hosting provider that is capable of handling the growing needs of your current sites, then Eboundhost.com would be the best choice.