Servers Review is reviewing shared / reseller hosting and virtual private server based on personal experience. The readers or visitors can choose whether they want to agree or disagree with the personal review written at Servers Review. However, there is one advice i want to say to all of my fellow webhosting user.

Trust nobody reviews, even at Servers Review

Why? Here are some reasons why you cannot trust outsider’s reviews:

  • When there’s a review saying that this webhosting provider is good, they can be the opposite because the reviewer may be the company or someone paid by the provider to write some review, who knows.
  • We don’t even know when there’s a review saying that this provider is very bad, not professional, or something like that, but in fact the reviewer is that provider’s competitor who wants to drop his rival, or maybe someone who had a personal problem with the owner of that webhosting provider, who knows.
  • The last reason is the most important, this is the essential thing of those two reasons above. Those things above are another people’s review, another people’s experience, absolutely not yours! So if you really want a review that is very true, try it by yourself. Of course do not immediately make your provider’s target as your production host, play with it for a few months and try their support.

Same thing happens here about the tutorial. I always post the tutorial “how to create, how to setup, or how to build“, but i never post “how to optimize or this is the optimized setting for“, because i know that everyone’s needs is different, and each one’s machine specification is also varied, that’s why you cannot generelize everyone’s setting. Maybe only the basic setting that i post and the rest is yours to try (trial and error). Me, i’m not an expert, i also do trial and error.

So, let’s learn together, let’s rock toghether, forever! Don’t forget to read our About Page.

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