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Location: United States
Cost: From $297.00 + $147/year
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All About www.CPVLab.com

If you are a PPV (pay per view) marketer you know about CPV Lab that is as self-hosted tracking system created specifically for online marketing campaigns. Testing is the important function of any marketing tracking program in order to develop PPV campaigns that are profitable and consistent. Getting a good return on investment with pay per view campaigns requires thorough testing, targeting, and landing pages. CPV Lab will give marketers the advantage of getting rid of campaigns that do not work, removing clicks and links that are unresponsive, and proving workable solutions. CPV Lab can help you do all this and much more.

CPV Lab is a program that offers you flexibility and optimization for all your marketing campaigns. CPB Lab is a web based and self-hosted platform you optimize on your own servicers. This gives your data and program the highest security with the opportunity to customize campaigns any way you like.

CPV Lab is very simple to use, you don’t need to be a PHP developer to use the tools and tricks that CPV Lab offers. Everything is straight forward and user friendly.

Top Features of CPV Lab

Setting up marketing or PPV campaigns using CPV lab is easy. You can create a single fast campaign that is all one single page. You can also design your marketing campaigns outside the platform and import to use the advantages of CPV’s analytical and tracking tools.

  • CPB Lab works on any style of marketing campaign or PPV campaign. You can compliment landing pages, direct linking, review style pages and even email campaigns. Unlimited flexibility is one key to CPV Lab that removes that removes restrictions that many tracking platforms deal with. You can run up to six different types of campaigns at one time using the tools downloaded with CPV Lab.
  • Rotate direct your landing pages, and rotate directed link and landing pages together. If you want to test a campaign or a portion of that campaign in separate sections, CPV Lab can handle it.
  • Comprehensive stats and reports are the lifeblood of any PPV or marketing campaign. You can receive all the reports and statistics you need to make decisions that will optimize your marketing campaigns. Accurate stats and metrics are listed in one place. You have usable data right at your finger tips to make the right decisions and increase your ROI. No more flipping through unreadable pages of data that makes no sense. CPV Lab makes sense.
  • Optimization of your marketing campaign is very easy using CPV Lab. You can use different filters for every campaign and track ROI, Impressions, and conversations that are direct to your targets. Tags are available to help with decision making includes “in progress, “to remove” and “winner”. These tags help make decisions on marketing optimization effortless.
  • CPV Lab provides your PPV marketing campaigns with alerts that will notify you directly on your desktop when you are reaching the limits of you marketing budget. What better way to determine whether or not to keep marketing or change tactics.

Prices of CPV Lab

CPB Lab initially costs $297 and is $147 a year for updates and support. This is not inexpensive, but when you look at what CPV Lab does for you in terms of your PPV marketing campaigns, ROI, and statistics, $297 down is not so very expensive. Consider that competing marketing retailers will soon begin to utilize CPV Lab. You want your marketing campaigns to be first to go live with CPV Lab.

Disadvantages of CPV Lab

low cost web host CPV Lab is a relatively new platform and it is still being worked on and new features are being added. CVP Lab does not trace conversions using ClickBank products, but it is working on that opportunity. There are times when the statistics and reports depend on the data inputted and if you do not input the right data or query the right questions, you may find that statistics are highly skewed.

You do need PHP version 5.2 or above plus MySQL version 5.1. Minimum of 60 M of disc spaces is necessary and IonCube Loader installed on the server is necessary. It is not recommended to use CPV Lab with GoDaddy or HostGator.

Customer Service

CPV Lab offers responsible and highly solid customer support. One year of updates and upgrades are offered with the package. Linux, VPS or dedicated servers are recommended.

CPV offer a 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee on its marketing platform download. If you find that CPV Lab has no advantages for your marketing campaigns, just give CPV Labs a call and they walk you through issues or return money spent. It is guaranteed by customer service, that once you utilize all the features you will never want to give it up!

When you purchase and download CPV Lab you will receive one license as well as the full version of CPV Lab. Although only one license is offered, your landing pages and offers do not need to be on the same domain or service which gives added flexibility and coverage.


CPV Lab based on the web and is also a self hosted platform you manage on your own computers and servicers. The enables your company to keep all data private and any statistical reports you receive will be for your eyes only.

No PHP developer or coder is needed which makes CPV Lab very straight forward and simple. You can change and edit your landing pages and offers and have them rotated though a simple interface. You do not have to surf through complex coding or have a professional webmaster manage the site.

Customized filters and markers will identify underperforming targets as well as your landing pages and marketing offers. This will give you the tools to make well-informed decisions.

Every report and stats are all in one place, and stats and metrics are furnished in highly readable reports. With the unlimited flexibility that CPV Lab offers, you can run many marketing campaigns at the same time and receive reports for each numbered campaign.