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Review of ClickTale com

How do you measure online business success? Sure, there are a lot of metrics and key performance indicators that you can look at in order to gauge whether your online marketing strategy is actually helping out in reaching your business goals. However, manual monitoring can be a big chore to handle; thus, if you want to make your website evaluation tasks easier, then you should check out what has to offer.


ClickTale is a more of a tool that allows users to track website visits by recording their activities in the form of heat maps. These heat maps viewed through a video format, which makes it easier for site admins to see the behavior of those who checked out their websites. With this tool at hand, internet markets, site admins and owners are able to come up with a better picture of how their website is being explored by their target audience.
The main goal of ClickTale is to help internet marketers in working on their website analytics and optimization strategies. This tool provides data on spot on basis; it is seen the same way that is was created by users, which gives marketers an untainted scenario of visitor behavior. This is very important as through this visualized data, marketers are able to see right away the things they have to improve in their website and the current strategies that they are using.
ClickTale also helps in lowering the costs of website analytics. Rather than using multiple tools to gather, monitor and interpret data, ClickTale’s recording features do the same tasks with just one go.

Top features of

ClickTale has a lot of interesting features that not only cater to internet marketers per se, but also to SEO specialists who are looking for ways to utilize website layout and design. Among these features that they can use are:
• Visitor recordings. With ClickTale, mouse movements of site visitors are recorded for you to view at a later date. Through this feature, you get to see every mouse move, scroll and click. Such recordings are not only helpful, but at the same time convenient, as you get to check out how visitors use your site, and as well track down their reasons for staying on your pages.
• Mouse move heat maps. Heat maps meanwhile gather mouse movements done across the website. Through these maps you are able to locate the areas of the website where most visitors are found, as well as how they use the other elements of the site. Using this feature, you are able to track down site usability and spot problem areas visitors usually encounter on your pages.
• Click heat maps. Click heat maps meanwhile focus on the areas users click on the site, such as links, images and texts.
• Conversion funnels. ClickTale also comes with conversion funnels which help internet marketers find conversion paths and discover new ways to improve traffic conversions based on visitor behavior.
• Real time monitor. Using this tool, marketers are able to see where their visitors come from in terms of location, and what they are currently doing that made them visit your site.
• Form analytics. Form analytics meanwhile are used to boost conversion rates from online forms. Through these analytics you get to see how your opt in forms become more appealing to fill up and submit by your visitors.

Price comes in two packages, the Free and the Premium, which makes the tool more appealing to use. In the Free plan, users can record up to 400 visits per month, plus apply heat maps suite on their most popular site pages, and as well watch playback of visitor sessions. There is no expiry for the Free plan, proving it to be useful among small-medium marketers.
The Premium plan meanwhile includes all the features of the Free kind, but in a more advanced manner. It allows up to millions of page view recordings, produce unlimited heat maps, form analytics, and conversion funnels. This package also provides consulting services and phone support. However, the premium plan can be purchased on a per-quote basis, thus prices vary.
Personal premium packages cost from $9 to $49, covering 1,200 to 9,000 visits per month. Business premium packages on the other hand cost from $99 to $990, covering 20,000 to 300,000 visits per month.

The Downsides of using

While it is a highly recommended tool for web analytics, ClickTale does have its minimal drawbacks. Perhaps the most noticeable glitch in this tool is its Javascript structure; Java tends to conduct consistent updates, making the tool not so useful during these times.
Also, purchasing the premium packages of still varies per quote.

Customer Support

Customer support through phone is available only for premium users; there is no support yet for subscribers of the free plan. Support is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Interested clients meanwhile can contact the hotline to inquire about premium plans for both personal and business use.

Conclusion offers a service that is first of its kind. Indeed, there are already other recording and analytics tools available in the market today ClickTale is the first that offers both features in one single application. This makes the tool very effective, as you no longer have to conduct two tasks separately, but rather at once.
ClickTale also has data interpretation features in its packages; these not only give users a picture of visitor behavior, but also recommendations on how to further improve their internet marketing strategies.
In essence, ClickTale is very useful in just about every kind of website. It’s useful in monitoring visitor behavior in company sites, as well as in checking out which pages prove to be most effective. It is also recommended in blogs, particularly those that are being used to gather audiences. Through ClickTale, internet marketers and site owners have a the better advantage in making their websites and blogs more appealing and engaging to target visitors and increase traffic conversions on a real time basis.