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The Low Cost Web Hosting Review of BlueHost

BlueHost is a name that has been around for many years. They are considered a low cost web hosting company and they offer shared hosting for those looking to host a website or blog. What really put BlueHost on the map is how good their blog hosting is. This is their strongest feature and for bloggers, Blue Host may be the right company.

However, after reading many reviews about BlueHost, it was easy to see that they have a few stumbling blocks. Many have stated their uptime has not been incredible, as of late, and other comments on slower than normal response times from the support team. We believe they have solved both of these issues, since they passed our test, but we still don’t believe they offer as good of a deal on hosting as Hostmonster does.

What BlueHost Offers

Low cost web hosting is the game at BlueHost, but they refuse to become some cheap hosting company offering the lowest possible price and skimping on features and service. With BlueHost, you get all the bandwidth and disk space you could possibly need and you get to use their very user-friendly control panel designed specifically for beginners. Take a look at their special offer Package discount here.

low cost web host BlueHost Review has been providing hosting for over 15 years and they know what they are doing. Yes, they have suffered a few times as they grow, but so do most other companies. They may not be our top choices for shared web hosting, but they certainly belong in the top ten. Remember, we compared hundreds of companies and they beat out most of them.

Many of the web hosting reviews about Blue Host state that they are very similar to HostMonster, which is no surprise since they are owned by the same company. The biggest difference is that HostMonster caters to those looking to start a website, whereas BlueHost is probably the best blog hosting company out there. The only issue is that most internet marketers and webmasters want to host both a website and a blog together. This can be done with BlueHost Review, but you may find it more difficult than with other companies, such as Hostgator. We put them in our fifth spot because we believe they are on their way back and have sorted out their issues with their support team and downtime. Plus, they offer incredible blog hosting, which we could not ignore.

The Top Features of a BlueHost Low Cost Web Hosting Account:

– Unlimited Disk Space
– Unlimited BandWidth
– Unlimited Domain Hosting
– Free Domain Name
– Unlimited Email Accounts
– Best Blog Tools
– Free Website Builder
– And Much More!

With BlueHost, you get all the features you need to start a successful blog and you get it all for just $4.95 per month. This may seem a bit high compared to the competition, but many believe BlueHost is one of the best hosting companies out there, especially for bloggers. They do offer a very attractive package and they are one of the oldest hosting companies, in business since 1996.

The BlueHost Site Builder

A low cost web hosting package from BlueHost, like many others, includes access to a site builder. This helps beginners build their website faster without needing prior knowledge of HTML and other programming languages. If you are a beginner, you will find that the site builder offered by Blue Host is a good choice. We didn’t find it to be any better than our top two hosting choices, but it’s still serviceable.

It’s not going to rival what you can do with DreamWeaver or some of the other top site builders, but most small businesses and bloggers are not looking for something too slick. It will take care of all the basics, give you access to many templates and help you organize your website in the best possible way, which is all most people need.

Updated Support Team from BlueHost

As mentioned before, they struggled with their support for a while, but when we tested them, they passed quite well. They average right around 30 second response times, which is great, and they never outsource their staff. Many other hosting companies outsource their support to another country and you end up dealing with someone you cannot understand. This is not an issue with BlueHost, as all their support staff is in house.

Of course, when they went through their issue with servers going down (about a year ago), their support also struggled. When the servers are not working properly, the volume of support requests goes up and they cannot get to each one as fast as they usually do. Since, BlueHost has added extra support and upgraded all their servers to help ensure this is never a problem in the future. Take a look at their discount package here

Our Last Words About Blue Host

If you plan to start a blog and you want a company that specifically caters to blog hosting, this is the one for you. BlueHost Review will give you access to all the top blog hosting platforms, such as WordPress and Joomla, with all the space and bandwidth you could ever need. They really do provide a great package for bloggers.

Those looking to start a small business website can do so with BlueHost, but there are better options, in our opinion. We highly recommend Hostmonster for your business hosting needs and for any other hosting needs, you may have. BlueHost specializes in low cost web hosting for blogs, but they offer it for any website that needs hosting.

You have a choice and you will want to make the right one. If you don’t get the best foundation for your website or blog, you may struggle to build it to the success you desire.Blue Host can provide you with a strong foundation, but they are not the cheapest hosting company you will find. Make sure you get a company that will provide you with everything you need, whether it’s BlueHost or one of our other top choices.