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We use computers for everything in our lives now. Whether it is storing family pictures, or backing up important documentation, we use computers to do it all. While using computers is fast and easy, they do have a bad habit of breaking down eventually. For this reason most of us want some kind of way to back up our important files so that if our computer breaks we still have those things.

While transferring all you information to CD ROM is definitely a good idea, the problem this option creates is that those discs can be damaged or destroyed. For this reason the idea of online file backup has become quite popular. The basic idea behind going online to back up your files is that you will always have a place you can turn to to get your files.

While online data backup offers a great resource to save important things such as pictures and documents, it also offers another benefit. By having a single source for a company to deposit their information, having a source for online backup makes your information not only more secure but also easier to access. You never know when you might need those quarterly reports or latest financial spread sheets but when you have them all stored in one place, this makes life easier.

There is a surprising number of companies that offer online data backup. However while many companies offer online data backup, Backblaze may be your best resource. Backblaze not only allows unlimited storage, but it is easy to use and extremely affordable. Not only is affordable but it also gives you several features that really do make it one of the best choices in online data storage no matter the need.

Top Features of

The most important feature that offers is unlimited storage space. This means that no matter how much information you need to store, you can store it all in one place. Whether you are a huge fan of family pictures or you need to store massive amounts of business data, you don’t have to go to different places to do it. With one single account you can easily store and organize all the data you have and not have to worry about running out of space. low cost web host

Along with offering unlimited space Backblaze offers ease of use. Because the people behind Backblaze want you to use their product, they have done everything they can to make backing up your files online easy. While some companies that offer data backup require you to save multiple copies of a file, you only have to upload things once with Backblaze. Not only do they save you time but they make it really easy too.

Another great feature about Backblaze is that it offers the ability to constantly update your files and add new ones. If you have a daily need to upload and store data, Backblaze is the perfect solution. This means that if you have to store hundreds of text documents a day, you can do continuously with Backblaze. Because of their continuous feature you will never have to worry about losing vital information. If you do happen to misplace or lose the information on your computer you can always look into your cache at Backblaze and find what you need.

Because security is important to all of us, Backblaze has spared no expense in providing top notch security for your files. It uses the most up to date security technology available to make sure that your files are never compromised and works with all platforms, include Mac OS X. When you are dealing with sensitive or private information, the last thing you want is the wrong people to get it. For this reason you want a place you can trust and Backblaze is that place. Prices

One of the best things about is that it is extremely affordable. The basic price for using is only five dollars a month. This means you get unlimited online data storage for five dollars a month. That is a great value anywhere. However, while their basic rate is incredibly affordable, Backblaze offers incentive to purchase multiple months of storage at a time.

If you know you will be needing online storage for a year you can prepay for that year and the cost goes down for five dollars a month to four dollars and seventeen cents a month. If you buy two full years of data storage then you are only paying three dollars and ninety five cents a month. This is a tremendous value for online backup storage.

The Downside of Using

If there is one problem with, it’s that it is a little too simple. While you can store unlimited data very affordably, it’s not the best way to organize your data. In order to work around this problem, it is a good idea that you develop some kind of filing system before you upload so you can always know where to find the data you are looking for.

For example if you upload daily financial reports, you will want to make sure you have a separate folder for each day when you upload or finding information for a specific day can be kind of difficult. Customer Support

Backblaze offers the pretty standard tools for customer support. Like most companies, they do offer technical support via email and you can reach a live person if you really need to. Backblaze also offers a blog that offers tips and tricks to online data storage which is both informative and interesting to read. Do not think that these few tools are not actually worth using though.

While it may seem that there is a limited amount of customer support options, when it comes to online data storage, you really don’t need that many. Backblaze is about ease of use and keeping things simple, so it doesn’t have a lot of problems that require much assistance to fix.


If you are looking for an extremely affordable place to back up your data online, Backblaze is one of your best options. There are several companies that offer online back up. However,’s combination of price and ease of use really does make it the best choice for most people. They currently offer a free trial without limits, so there is no reason not to start using Backblaze!