VyprVPN Review


Website: http://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn
Contact: https://www.goldenfrog.com/support/contact
Phone: N/A
Location: United States
Cost: $6.67 per month
Year Founded: 2009

VyprVPN Review

Today, there are privacy and security issues on the internet that no one could have possibly imagined fifteen years ago. Access to our most intimate habits can be easily obtained by spammers and advertising firms. To gather information on what we do on the web, they use tracking, data collecting, hacking, and any other method at their disposal. Virtual Protected Network (VPN) providers exist to protect users from the scourges of the internet. We look at VyprVPN to see if they are your best choice for VPN services.

About VyprVPN

VyprVPN, available at goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn, was created by Golden Frog. They believe user privacy should be protected. To preserve a more secure and open internet, they develop services and applications around the globe. With private server clusters in Europe, Asia, and North America and users in over 215 countries, Golden Frog operates and owns a truly global network.

Since the public internet first emerged in 1994, Golden Frog’s founders have owned and operated businesses over the internet. To ensure the highest levels of privacy, service delivery, and security, they manage and own 100 percent of their hardware, network, and servers.

Vypr VPN - Secure personal VPN

VyprVPN provides encrypted, secure connections to the internet to protect user security and privacy. In order to deliver the best VPN speeds in the world, Golden Frog manages its own network, owns the hardware, and writes 100 percent of its VPN server software. VyprVPN has mobile apps that work with all Apple and Android devices. They also have desktop applications that work with Mac and Windows.

Top Features of VyprVPN

One of the key aspects of any VPN is where their servers are located. If a VPN has a server in a specific country, then you have the ability to pretend you are in that country by using an IP address there. Plus, you are able to access all of the country specific websites that country has to offer. VyprVPN has quite a list of countries to choose from. They are:

Vypr VPN - Secure personal VPN server locations

For broadband internet connections, VyprVPN has been engineered for high levels of security and speed. To deliver the fastest speeds of any VPN, they have developed optimized code and manage their own global network. You can connect to any of VyprVPN’s over 700 servers with their more than 200,000 IP addresses. VyprVPN does not limit you: without download caps or other restrictions, you can connect to any server at any time.

You can choose your preferred level of speed, protection, and encryption with VyprVPN’s multiple VPN protocols. They offer L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN. Most phone, tablet, and desktop devices use L2TP/IPsec. If OpenVPN is not available for your device, L2TP is a solid choice. PPTP is simple to use, easy to set up, and fast, but again, it is not as good as OpenVPN. OpenVPN is recommended for all operating systems. It has the best performance and is secure, reliable, and fast.

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NAT Firewall is an additional level of security that comes with many of VyprVPN’s plans. When connected to the service, it blocks any inbound traffic that you did not request. You do not need any extra software or configuration. Any device connected to VyprVPN is protected by NAT Firewall, since it runs on their servers.

VyprVPN Prices

VyprVPN offers three plans geared toward individual users and one business plan. The least expensive plan is VyprVPN Basic. It costs $6.67 per month when billed annually ($9.99 per month otherwise). It allows one connection, unlimited data usage, and only offers PPTP protocol. You will have access to all of the apps, and 10 GB of Dump Track storage comes with it.

Vypr VPN - Secure personal VPN

For $8.33 per month when paying for a year ($14.99 on a monthly plan), you can get the VyprVPN Pro Plan. This builds upon the Basic plan by offering you two connections, the NAT Firewall, and all three protocols. Plus, you get 25 GB of Dump Track Storage. Finally, the VyprVPN Premier Plan is $10 per month when paying for a year (or $19.99 billed monthly). It adds one more connection and gives you 50 GB of Dump Track storage.

The Business plans are totally customizable. They start at $299 per a year for three users. You can add extra users for $99.99 per user. This is an important solution for business because you do not want to just hope your employees have secure connections when they are traveling for work. By using a VPN, you can make sure identity theft is out of the question.

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The Downsides of Using VyprVPN

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There were not any major downsides to using VyprVPN. There were just mild annoyances. First of all, the Dump Truck storage comes with all of the plans. This is another Golden Frog product that they are really trying to push. I did not find it very useful.

It also would be helpful if they provided troubleshooting instructions whenever error messages popped up. I did not get many error messages, but it would have been easier if troubleshooting was provided rather than having to visit the website.

VyprVPN Customer Support

Call correspondence with VyprVPN’s customer service team is through their support ticket system, live chat, or email. I like to be able to call places up, but that is not an option with VyprVPN. Fortunately, the live chat does provide a way to get instantaneous support for any questions you may have 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Vypr VPN - Secure personal VPN


VyprVPN is a no-nonsense, high quality VPN provider. Golden Frog has put together a fine product, and it is clear that they have tons of experience. If you want protection from security issues and reliable and safe browsing, VyprVPN is definitely a smart choice. They even offer a seven day money back guarantee. So, you can check them out without any risk.

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