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Website: http://www.wix.com
Contact: http://www.wix.com/about/contact-us
Phone: 1-800-600-0949
Location: United States
Cost: From $14 / Month
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About Wix

Wix is commonly recognized flash website builder, which consistently serves its web-based community with easy-to-build, aesthetically pleasing websites. Anyone and everyone are accorded with the privileged of having their own free website within the Wix community.

In 2006, this concept was cultivated, only to generate a customer base of 25 million users.

Wix is a rapidly growing company that is steadily increasing by 30,000 new users per day, which requires solid dedication from its representatives in Tel Aviv, San Francisco, New York and Dnepropetrovsk.

While most drag and drop website builders lack the HTML5 platform, Wix exceeds customer expectations by offering this, along with countless free features, free basic web hosting, and numerous apps.

Top Features of Wix

Wix’s innovative features far surpass the mere beauty of its website templates. Among these features, it is characterized by many business-friendly options as well balance aesthetics with a sense of professionalism.

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  • Hundreds of stunning templates are avaiabile for the use of web builders, as marketing is an imaged-based process that draws in its customers with visual cues. Wix recognizes this, and assures all users that they will entice any viewer of their web content.
  • Behind the guise of its beautiful display, Wix is characterized by innovative, highly advanced html technology to better support its servers and sites.
  • Wix accords each user with the ability to tailor their self or business related brand through customization of their website.
  • All users can host a professional, beautiful site for free of charge, which can lower startup costs for a company seeking their own site.
  • Mobile options offer full functionality of web features, enabling the management and editing of a Wix website on the go.
  • Its extensive social following can envelop you in its helpful, bright, and innovative Facebook and blogging community.
  • By upgrading to affordable premium services, users can easily adopt their own, personal domain and explore the use of vast storage and bandwith.
  • o further supplement the building of a Wix website, a diverse, broad array of free content is available for use. This includes numerous videos and photo galleries.
  • For those seeking a platform to sell products and services, users can select the low cost e-commerce option to facilitate online shopping.
  • Each website can be further enhanced through the addition of apps and brands.
  • Wix’s Google analytics allows its user to fully capitalize on the power of SEO, by simply reviewing SEO and web stats on their management panel. This can essentially help sites drive more traffic.
  • For those who have inquiries or concerns about the website, 24/7 customer support is available online. Furthermore, easy to follow tutorials supply each user with individual mastery of the website.
  • To further customize their experience, users have the option of hiring a professional to design their website, or to simply select premium services for business, freelancing, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Wix Prices

Wix users have access to extensive free content, and can host a wix-based website for absolutely no charge. However, they do have the option of selecting a premium service in an effort to cater to the business operations or customization of their website. Such services are available at a low monthly rate, which is worth the investment considering the innovative platform, beauty, ease-of-use, and premium support available on this site.

Users can select an unlimited yearly savings plan, and receive an 18% discount for an annual commitment. Available options include both yearly and monthly contracts.

Wix offers an undeniably high degree of web quality and resources for free, which has further distinguished it from competing web hosting services. You do not require business capital or funds to begin promoting your personal or business-related site.

The Downsides of Using Wix

Some users reported encountering errors and impediments when attempting to build an extensive e-commerce store containing multiple products. Although Wix offers low-cost e-commerce options for those seeking to sell their products, this service may or not be of aid to those who have a vast supply of products to sell.

Others have reported that the e-commerce facet of their site crashes. Of courses, there is no discernible proof that this was due solely to the software provided by Wix, Most individual users have had a favourable experience, and have reported enjoying both the free services and premium ones.

Wix supplies its users with indispensible tutorials that offer clear, direct methods in which one can build their site, and optimize their web experience. In addition, live chat enables immediate customer assistance, without the inconvenience of remaining on hold. Yet, some users prefer to speak to a live individual, in an effort to better tailor the customer service to their individual needs. There does not appear to be a visible phone number on the site. But, if one conducts research, they will ultimately locate the customer service phone number.

Finally, unlike other hosting sites, Wix does not offer an email service. They list the reason as their inability to compete with major email providing services, such as Google and Yahoo. While this is understandable, it would be advantageous for this business to at least merge their email service with that of a major provider such as Yahoo or Google. Of course, users can always list the relevant contact information on their Wix website to promote communication.

Wix Customer Support

Wix customer service offers users the individual agency and independence to readily inform themselves of site features, and more. If one browses the self-help customer service page, there are numerous resources available at one’s disposal. This includes frequently asked questions, as well as pages extensively detailing use of the site. For the more visually attuned, video tutorials can offer great clarification when it comes to the functionality of the site.

Those who prefer direct contact can specifically describe their issue and be matched with a professional who is uniquely qualified to handle their issue.


Overall, one can attain immense personal gain through use of the Wix websites. In addition to being free, but they can be formed rapidly within minutes, using one of the hundreds of visually appealing templates.

The level of technology, beauty, affordability and professionalism on this site cannot be matched by other free site providers. Hence, any business with low capital seeking a starter website should register with Wix today.