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Cost: From $4.89 / Month
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About WebStarts.com

The main idea behind WebStarts.com is to give everyone the ability to easily create a very high quality website. WebStarts.com offers a lot of tools that are all designed to help you build the website you always wanted. Whether you want a website for your family and friends or you want to try and make money off a blog, you can do it all with Webstarts.com.

While some people think you have to have years of knowledge or practice to build a website, the fact is that by using the tools that WebStarts.com offers you can be up and running in no time. Don’t think this means you have to settle for simple design, WebStarts offers website building tools for everyone no matter their skill.

Top Features of WebStarts

WebStarts.com literally has hundreds of features that are all designed to help you build and maintain a website. From registering your domain name through actually building and hosting your site, WebStarts offers everything you need. While it would take a virtual encyclopedia to cover each and every feature that is a part of the WebStarts product, the below are some of the most important ones.

Domain Name Registration:
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No website can exist unless it has a domain name. While registering a domain name is actually fairly simple, some people can find it confusing. For this reason WebStarts offers a domain registration tool which is all you need to get started. Once you have a domain name registered, you can turn your attention to the more important aspects of web design.

Custom Email Addresses:

If you plan to operate a website you will likely be using email extensively. By allowing you to set up your own custom email addresses, you can better organize your communication. While this can mean that you wind up setting up several different email accounts, the good thing is that they can be exactly what you want them to be. This may seem like a minor feature, but email is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any online activity.

Credit Card Processing:

One of the hardest parts of running a website is actually finding a way to accept payment. While there are options out there for this, they can be very expensive. WebStarts now offers people who use its service the ability to process credit card payments directly on their site. This means that you don’t have to pay another company to handle your financial transactions and can do most of it yourself.

Social Media Capability:

Today if you want to have a successful website you have to tap into social media. WebStarts allows you to not only link to Facebook and Twitter, but helps you use these tools to build traffic on your site. This means instead of hiring a “social media expert” you can handle all your social media marketing yourself. If you want a successful website then you have to use this tool.

Members Only Pages:

You may not want everyone who stumbles on your website to access some pages. WebStarts provides a tool that allows you to define “members only” pages. This means that you can charge membership fees for your site and make sure only people who pay use those pages. Instead of having to manually observe your website visitors every moment of the day you can control access to the pages they can get to. This is a great tool for those who want to start a pay for use website of any kind.

WebStarts.com Prices

There are three levels of pricing for WebStarts.com. The first level is absolutely free and though it may surprise some people, you do get a lot without having to pay anything at all. While the free package is very bare bones and doesn’t have all the features of the other price levels, it will get you a decent looking website without having to spend a lot of money.

The next step up from Free is the Pro Level. The Pro level costs $4.89 a month but gives you access to a lot more of WebStarts’ features. This is probably the best option for people who already know what they want to do with their site and want to experiment a bit with making money.

Finally, for those that want the entire range of features, WebStarts offers a Pro+ Package. This package costs $7.16 a month and gives you access to every feature that WebStarts offers. This is the best option for anyone who really wants to build a lot of websites. While you can do a lot with the pro and free packages, if you want the full range of features, then go for Pro+.

The Downside of Using WebStarts.com

The one problem with WebStarts is also its biggest benefit. WebStarts is almost completely driven by templates. This means that you select a template style for your website then go from there. While this makes things really easy to build, it can be a bit limiting.

To offset this WebStarts does allow for you to do your own HTML coding but make sure you know what you are doing before deciding to do this. While simplicity is definitely a good thing for most people, WebStarts might be a little too simple for some people.

WebStarts Customer Service

When it comes to customer support WebStars.com is actually one of the few online businesses that allows you to get in touch with a real person. Instead of relying on email and blogs, WebStarts has a phone number that gets you in touch with someone real.

While you might have to wait a while to actually speak with someone, they are not too bad about the wait. It really is refreshing to have a company that lets you talk with real people instead of giving you automated email responses to your problems.


Unless you want to spend years learning everything there is to know about building a website, WebStarts is a good place to go. WebStarts offers a staggering number of features and offers them at a very good price. If you have ever wanted to build a web page for any reason, using WebStarts is about the best way you can get started.