TorGuard Review

TorGuard Review

Phone: N/A
Location: USA
Cost: From $4.99
Year Founded: 2012

The state of online privacy seems to be changing by the day. Only a short time ago, we became aware of a man named Edward Snowden — a man who told us about how the NSA was tapping into all our emails and phone calls. Who would have thought a day like this would ever arrive? - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy servicesOne thing is for certain: you must take initiative to protect yourself on the Internet. This means more than just relying on anti-virus suites and firewalls. You need to be taking advantage of proxies and virtual private networks to ensure nobody ever gains access to your most private details.It just so happens that TorGuard specializes in that very area.Click Here To Visit TorGuard Official WebsiteWelcome To TorGuardTorGuard is a private US-based company that offers affordable VPN solutions to customers throughout the world. Little info exists as to when it showed up on the market, but the reviews all agree that the company provides the following exemplary VPN services:

Anonymous BitTorrent Proxy - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy services

The anonymous BitTorrent proxy ranges from $3.95 to $5.95 per month (depending on whether you order monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually), and it allows you to take advantage of BitTorrent clients and peer-to-peer file sharing networks under the protection of an advanced-grade proxy.

As a reminder, a P2P network is used to share BitTorrent games, music files and videos between random people on the Internet. The problem with P2P file sharing is that it is extremely unsafe. Unless you protect yourself, you are bound to eventually wind up with a Trojan-grade virus on your computer.

Some of its notable features are included below:

It’s optimal for frequent BitTorrent users who want added security and protection from the many viruses and scammers trolling the P2P networks. - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy services

Anonymous VPN Client

TorGuard’s VPN client relies on 200 VPN IPs across 18 countries to provide you with an extraordinary grade of security and privacy. Plus, TorGuard hosts specialized ‘stealth’ servers designed for areas in the country that impose a heavy dose of censorship, i.e., China, Iran, etc. - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy services

Price-wise, this service ranges from $4.99 to $9.99 per month, depending on what type of subscription you choose. Some of its notable features are included below: - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy services

Note that TorGuard limits P2P file sharing on its VPN. Namely, you cannot engage in it if you connect through a server in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore or Hong Kong.

Last but not least, you can upgrade to a fully dedicated IP if required for an extra $7.99 per month.

Anonymous Email - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy services

You can take advantage of 10mb of anonymous email for absolutely free, or you can opt for unlimited storage for $4.16 or $5.33, depending on whether you pay yearly or quarterly, respectively. It works through your browser and ensures all email transcriptions are encrypted or decrypted as required. Its features are listed below: - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy services

This service is very useful for business professionals who travel a lot and want to be able to safely access their email from anywhere in the world.

Privacy And - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy servicesTorGuard goes out of its way to protect your privacy by maintaining zero logs. Plus, you can pay anonymously via Bitcoins if you don’t want to even give out your financial information.One thing to keep in mind is that TorGuard supposedly functions out of the United States. This makes it liable to United Sates’ laws, meaning it could potentially be forced to reveal client information to an organization like the NSA. This is why we recommend you pay using Bitcoins.It is also for this reason that we recommend you use OpenVPN as your VPN client. It relies on either 256-AES or 128-bit Blowfish encryption algorithms, both of which are strong enough to keep you more than adequately protected and secure. The included Viscosity software is also quite impressive, but OpenVPN is a smidgen - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy servicesAdded Features - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy services - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy servicesAverage Customer - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy servicesThe company offers a live chat feature that isn’t available often enough. All other requests must be handled through a traditional ticket system. There is no email address or phone number to contact. Overall, the customer service experience was rather laggy and annoying. The good news is that the website is brimming with setup guides that made our lives much easier!Frequently Asked - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy services

[+] Do I need software to use the proxy service?

You need to download an application to take advantage of the proxy server. The good news is that it’s compatible with a bevy of major BitTorrent clients, including uTorrent, BitTorrent and Vuze.

[+] Do I need software to use the VPN service?

You absolutely need software for using TorGuard’s VPN services. The company offers the easy-to-use Viscosity platform, which is compatible with Windows Macintosh and Linux computers. However, we recommend you use OpenVPS instead.

[+] Can TorGuard be used on a mobile device?

The company offers its VPN services through Android 4.x devices, but you must download and install the app. You must also have a subscription to its VPN services. Unfortunately, an app for iPhones has yet to be developed.

[+] How do you test if the service is working?

All you need to do to test your service is to check your IP address. You can do this directly through the website. If the proxy or VPN is fully active, then your regular IP address will be overridden by the one given to you by TorGuard’s server.

[+] Is there a cancellation or return policy?

So long as you do not use over 10GB of data within the first 30 days, you can cancel your services and be issued a 100% refund. If, however, you go over that quantity of data, then you’ll be tied in for the remainder of the contract.

[+] What are the bandwidth capabilities?

All packages offer unlimited bandwidth and speed. The servers are in fact outfitted with Gigabit technology. The only limiting factor therefore is your own connection. Obviously, if you connect with DSL, you won’t get the speeds you could with cable.

[+] What are the payment methods?

TorGuard accepts credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoins. We recommend using Bitcoins if you are extra cautious about your security. Otherwise, one of the other two options would be just fine. - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy services

Final TorGuard - Online binary trading optionsSeveral things about this VPN provider really impressed us. First and foremost, it maintains zero logs on its clients. Furthermore, it offers incredibly fast performance speeds that are up and beyond average VPN rates. Also, TorGuard offers a plethora of additional features like stealth servers, encrypted emails and mobile compatibility. Its only notable weakness is a weak customer service infrastructure.Note also that TorGuard accepts BitCoins, which is very rare. Plus, it hosts a handy 30-day money back guarantee policy in case you dislike the service, which we believe you won’t.All in all, we consider TorGuard to be the best VPN service provider currently on the market. It provides exemplary services at affordable prices, and it does so with exceptional security and speed. That makes it a top dog in this industry! - Anonymous VPN, proxy and Torrent proxy services