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Phone: 800-725-8064
Location: United States
Cost: $4.50/mo.
Year Founded: 2003


The number of Web hosting companies seems to grow daily. Anyone who wants to start a website has plenty of options. This makes it important for them to compare businesses so they get the features they need at fair prices.

StartLogic is an experienced company with a variety of plans worth exploring.

About is a Web hosting company founded by Tomas Gorny in November, 2003. It is a subsidiary of Endurance International Group. StartLogic, which is based in Phoenix, Arizona, has two sister companies: iPowerWeb and Blue Domino.

As of 2015, the company hosts more than 100,000 websites. - Web hosting service providers - Web hosting service providers

Top Features of - Web hosting service providers Plan Prices

StartLogic’s prices differ according to the type of features clients want. Potential customers should learn more about the following hosting plans to choose an option that matches their needs without exceeding their budgets. - Web hosting service providers

Site Expresso

Introductory price: $4.50 per month

Renewal prices:

    • $89.00 for one year
    • $155.75 for two years
    • $197.64 for three years

Site Expresso is the most affordable option from The Express plan comes with 100 GB of bandwidth, 5 GB of disk space, and five email accounts. The plan gives members access to several website building and marketing tools. Some of the most noteworthy features include:

    • Access to professional templates
    • $50 in Facebook marketing credit
    • $100 in Google AdWords credit
    • Web statistics
    • FileManager
    • MySL database
    • SSL secure server

Those who choose the Express plan also get a marking guide that includes more than 500 pages of valuable information.

Pro Plan - Web hosting service providers

Introductory price: $5.99 per month

Renewal prices:

    • $131.88 for one year
    • $239.76 for two years
    • $323.64 for three years

The Pro plan comes with more features that should meet the needs of advanced users who want to attract more traffic and build sophisticated sites. The package includes:

    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Unlimited disk space
    • Unlimited email accounts

This makes Pro a good option for small- and medium-sized companies looking to do more business online.

Other noteworthy features include:

    • A keyword generator for writing strong SEO content
    • Access to Getty Images
    • Spam filtering
    • Ecommerce tools, such as several shopping cart options

Perhaps best of all, a Pro plan gives advanced website builders the opportunity to use a wide range of software, including MySQL databases, SSI Management, PHP 4, PHP 5, and Perl Scripts.

Most people and businesses should find that this plan comes with all of the tools they need. - Web hosting service providers

Supercharge - Web hosting service providers

Introductory price: $8.99 per month

Renewal prices:

    • $173.88 for 1 year
    • $323.76 for 2 years
    • $449.64 for 3 years

A Supercharge plan from StartLogic includes all of the features from the Pro plan. Clients who choose to spend a little more on the Supercharge plan, however, gain access to additional tools that can help turn a basic site into a high-performance site.

Tools that Web developers may want from the Supercharge plan include:

    • Web statistics with access and error logs
    • Unlimited MySQL databases
    • Weebly Ecommerce

It’s similar to the Pro plan, but it includes a few extra features that the most advanced website builders may appreciate. The average person will probably not need the features that are exclusive to a Supercharge plan.

Criticisms of faces two major criticisms. Some customers complain that the company uses low introductory rates to trick people into signing up for plans. Once the introductory period expires, the account automatically becomes more expensive. This is often seen as a divisive, unfair strategy. Some customers even say that they were unaware of the higher rates until it was too late to cancel their memberships. does advertise its standard, non-introductory prices online. The prices, however, are not listed on the company’s homepage. To find the true price of an account, potential members must visit a different page and scroll through a lot of information. It is easy to see how some customers would find this confusing. - Web hosting service providers

Some members also complain that they do not have access to the website design tools that they need. StartLogic, however, claims that it offers an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that makes it easy for anyone to build a strong website without learning how to write code. The Site Expresso plan even promises to build a site just by having clients answer a few questions.

Anyone familiar with WordPress and similar website builders shouldn’t have any problems building a page with StartLogic’s interface. That said, the company oversells the simplicity of its products. It’s unfair to say that StartLogic has a confusing interface. It is fair, however, to say that StartLogic makes its interface sound easier than it really is. Clients who have never built sites before could find that StartLogic expects too much from them. This isn’t so much an interface failure as a marketing failure. Customer Support

StartLogic gives clients three ways to access customer support. Users can submit tickets, use live chat, or phone representatives. Live chat and phone options are available 24/7, making StartLogic a useful company for website owners all over the world. - Web hosting service providers

The company also offers user guides that should help most customers get started. Those who don’t have any experience building websites, however, may find the user guides confusing. Featured tutorials attempt to fill knowledge gaps so users can answer their own questions instead of waiting for responses from customer service reps.

Overall, the company seems to offer strong customer support. Knowledge base options, however, usually work best when users already have some understanding of web design and basic programming.

Frequently Asked Questions About

[+] Is there a money back guarantee?

New customers have a 30-day money back guarantee.

[+] Can I purchase domains through

Yes, StartLogic can help you find and register available domain names for your website.

[+] Does StartLogic offer VPS servers?

Yes. StartLogic has three VPS server plans to match the needs of clients. The cost varies from $29.99 per month to $49.99 per month, depending on factors such as disk space, bandwidth, and number of domains. VPS server plans also come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Pros of Using

  • Each plan comes with an online site builder
  • Members can customize error pages
  • Members operating ecommerce sites can choose between several shopping cart options
  • Site provides raw traffic data

The Cons of Using

  • Introductory rates are misleadingly low
  • Renewal rates charged by year instead of month, making payments higher than necessary
  • New users may have difficulty with the site’s interface

Conclusion - Web hosting service providers is a good Web hosting service for people who have some experience building websites. That doesn’t mean users have to be experts. They will just have an easier experience if they are already familiar with the fundamentals of building sites.

Having access to a variety of plans helps customers choose the options they need most without spending money on tools that they won’t use. Some people complain about the difference between introductory and renewal prices, but this is a fairly common practice within the industry. The company plainly states that new customers pay a lower rate. Finding out how much plans cost after the introduction may take a few clicks, but the information is there.

Overall, individuals and businesses that want to start publishing and selling online should consider the advantages of choosing StartLogic. The money back guarantee makes it a excellent option no matter how much experience you have. - Web hosting service providers