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About Hosting24

Hosting24 is a highly specialized, web hosting company that offers its professional services to users seeking domains, servers, and other services. Its fortified levels of security, rapid speeds, accessibility, and unlimited storage and bandwith make it a premier selection for anyone seeking web hosting.

Top Features of Hosting24

In addition to its professionalism, Hosting24 is characterized by the unique balance of visual appeal, advanced technology, and versatility. Its highly favored features include the following:

low cost web host

  • Its rapidly functioning and loading servers increase customer satisfaction, as expediency is key in the web hosting business.
  • Their guarantee for speedy and stable service is further enhanced by the most up to date software and hardware options.
  • They implement the most advanced web development methods, which comprise website builders, thousands of stunning templates, as well as PHP, cPanel, among other impressive features.
  • To avoid the loss of data or critical information, Hosting24 servers use RAID disk arrays, a methodology which is not always seen on competing web hosting sites. All accounts are backed up on a weekly basis.
  • Hosting24’s money-back guarantee is perfect for the risk-averse web hosting user. Every customer is entitled to cancel service within a period of 30 days, if they are unsatisfied with the web service.
  • If your web content is available on an outside service, you may transfer it to a Hosting24 server, free of charge.
  • Hosting services range from silver to the higher standard of gold. However, most services available on gold are also available on silver premium plans. Web hosting features include a free premium domain, unlimited bandwith and sic space, unlimited disc space, immediate free activation, free account setup and other features. To further enhance these features, Hostng24 offers a solid IP address, in addition, to the privacy of an individual domain. All sites hosted on Hosting24 are wordpress ready and characterized by visual web builders.
  • In addition to the numerous web site building features, Hosting 24 offers the subtle convenience of email service as well, which some web hosting competitors lack. Such services include numerous email accounts, spam protection, mail forwarding, and auto responders. This makes the process of communication more expedient, as it allows you to use major mail providers concurrently with your web host’s email service. For best results, this can be achieved through forwarding emails from your major mail providers to your web hosting email account. Hosting24 allows you to do everything in one trip, essentially.
  • Customers are also quite satisfied by its cPanel features, which supply softaculous, along with hotlink protection, instant backups, web file manager, an IP deny manager, and much more.
  • While some sites rely on aesthetics to obtain clients, Hosting24 prides itself on its exemplary customer service, enhanced firewall protection, innovative web building techniques, and premier email services.
  • These amazing features, however, are not limited to hosting. Resellers are a top priority as well, and they are bestowed with many services aiding customer satisfaction. This includes extensive disc and bandwidth space, free activation, overselling, as well as the privacy of a domain. Furthermore, resellers feel secure with their access to a 30 day money back guarantee, free domain name, 24/7 live support, weekly backups, and limited cPanel accounts. They are also entitled to access to web building tools, as well as various technical, email and cPanel features.
  • Unlike several hosting websites, hosting24 has expanded its repertoire to VPS features as well. For example, VPS stats are conveniently presented to web users, enabling them to assess their RAM, Bandwidth, Packet flow, and CPU. To ensure security, the Hosting24 tech team monitors VPS servers 24/7 from bugs and potential threats.

Hosting24 Prices

As listed, the features of Hosting24 alone could sway potential customers to rely on them as their sole means of web hosting, reselling and more. However, anyone can have access to these vast and quality services can for only a low monthly fee. Silver plans begin at 4.84 per month, and gold plans start at a rate of 7.84 per month.

With regard to reseller hosting, silver rates begin at 14.84 per month, while gold rates start at 24.84 per month. Along with its flexible prices, all users are subject to money back guarantees if they express dissatisfaction with the service. Hence, there is no risk involved in signing up at

The Downsides of Using Hosting24

As delineated by the website, Hosting24 offers highly competitive hosting and reselling services at enviable rates to its users. Although they list their starting price at only 4.84, this is reflective of a three year commitment plan.

Unless you are firmly committed to a site and sure of its quality, it is not advisable that you commit to a three year contract in advance. While you can cancel within 30 days of use, users may feel more secure with a month-to-month plan.

Hosting24 Customer Support

The Hosting24 community offers various customer service option, that are intended to inform and educate their clients and users. The first of such is the frequently asked question option, which provides answers to the most commonly posed inquires. This can truly facilitate any user’s experience.

The second customer service option is that live chat, in which a customer can communicate directly with a customer service rep or technician. As a result of this, user reports are favourable, as live chat eases the use of this website. Finally, the community forum gives all users access to widely regarded community opinions of Hosting24.


Hosting24 does require extensive, pre-arranged financial arrangements. However, you must consider the high calibre of its embedded technology, features, as well as the digital appeal of its websites. Very few competitors offer this degree of firewall protection, monitoring and tech support.

Furthermore, its technological features ensure the function of even the most complex websites. Sometimes, what is free is not necessarily of prime quality. Therefore, if you are seeking a site that can optimize your web hosting experience through numerous hosting, reseller and VPN options, then you should select