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Review of EasySpace.com

Not all webhost service providers are created equal. There are webhost solutions that offer pure hosting services only, while there are those that also accommodate domain name registration, website building and optimization, and other perks. This can be a good deal especially for newbie site owners and entrepreneurs, and if you are among these clients, perhaps it’s time to check out what EasySpace.com has to offer.
EasySpace.com is one of the most established webhosting companies in the United Kingdom. Operational since 2000, this webhost provider has already catered to various global brands, making it a good choice for brands who want to establish their online presence at the soonest possible time.

About EasySpace.com

EasySpace.com is among the UK based webhosting companies that offer a wide range of services, and not just hosting per se. Aside from hosting, clients may also purchase domains in this brand, as well as get email hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and website building.
As what its name says, EasySpace.com aims to make life easier for its clients by providing them with everything they need to start becoming visible online at the soonest possible time.

Top features of EasySpace.com

Among the key features clients may enjoy in EasySpace.com are:
• Reliable network uptime. EasySpace.com continuously upgrades its servers to ensure reliable network uptime. With reliable service present, subscribers of their packages are able to enjoy not just fast, but consistent site uptime at the least possible setbacks.
• Ecommerce web hosting. EasySpace.com also offers a special hosting package that caters specifically to ecommerce websites. This package has a stronger and more reliable uptime compared to competing brands, and is capable of maintaining ecommerce operations all the time.
• Website builder. The company also offers its own easy to use website building application, which enables clients to build their own sites right away. This website builder is easy to use even for newbie online entrepreneurs.
• Dedicated data centers. EasyShare.com has 6 different data centers located in the United Kingdom, allowing the company to provide strong and consistent services to its clients from all parts of the globe.

The services of EasySpace.com come in different packages, such as:
• Webhosting. The company’s webhosting solutions begin at $3.20 per month, exclusive of taxes. Those who will get this package may enjoy up to 20GB of web disk space, 50Gb storage, 1 free domain, up to 200 mailboxes, 20 databases, UK based support, Windows or Linux hosting, and WordPress ready scripts.
o Other packaged plans under the company’s hosting services are StarterPlus, Business and Site Builder, which include more upgraded features and other perks.
o The Site Builder package comes with a 21-day free trial and allows users to set up their site online and within just hours of work.
• Domain name registration. EasySpace.com also offers domain name registration, which begins at $7.60 per year. They offer over 240 name extensions which include email or forwarding, WHOIS privacy, and ICANN Registrar.
• Business email. The business email service of EasySpace.com begins at $2.38 per month, and its features include professional email, mobile friendly layout, spam and virus protection, and 30-day filter trial.
• Dedicated server hosting. One of the premium packages of EasySpace.com, its dedicated server hosting services begin at $43.18 per month. In this package, clients are able to enjoy 24/7 on site support, high hardware specs, UK based data centers, and custom site buildup.
• Website building. Aside from hosting, EasySpace.com also offers website building packages. Clients may choose from:
o WordPress blog site. At $6.38 per month
o gMobi mobile site. At $5.60 per month, this package offers professional, light and responsive mobile websites.
o EasySite Live Pro. This package meanwhile begins at $15.98 per month. Clients are able to create professional websites using this plan.
o Professional online shop. To those who are into ecommerce ventures, then this is the package to get. At $23.98 per month, this package comes with a professional ecommerce site builder to match their clients’ needs.
o Custom design. EasySpace.com also offers custom website building services, starting at $799.98.
All prices are exclusive of 20% VAT.

The Downsides of using EasySpace.com

There are minimal issues with EasySpace.com. In fact it is a highly trusted brand especially for UK-based businesses who want to go online. Perhaps if there’s one glaring issue with the company’s services, then that would be about their tax exclusive in packages. It would have been more convenient if their packages already include taxes, as these often look like unnecessary add-ons for some clients.
Some users also view EasySpace.com to be very UK-centric. This is actually expected as the company’s primary audience is the UK market. But this isn’t much of an issue though; clients from other countries actually like the so-called “UK appeal” of the websites made by EasySpace.com due to their clean and sleek design.

Customer Support

The customer support system of EasySpace.com is active 24/7 and can be reached through phone and email. The company also offers dedicated CS agents to its premium clients; these agents are assigned with such accounts for them to manage throughout the duration of the client contract.


EasySpace.com is a good hosting service company that caters to both newbie and advanced site owners. To those who want to give their sites a new look, then this is the company to go to, as EasySpace.com has the right tools and people to work on website design, buildup and hosting.
Because of its wide array of services, EasySpace.com proves to be a great one-stop shop for people in search of website design, development, hosting and domain registration under a single company. Indeed, their prices for website development are above industry average, but with these come the convenience, which most site owners are looking for.
EasySpace.com is likewise a great choice for site owners based in the United Kingdom. This is not only because their data centers are located in the UK, but the design and layout of the sites they make appeal best to the UK market; and yes, the uptime reliability is better compared to that with sites managed overseas.