CloudAccess Review



Phone: +1-231-421-7160
Location: United States
Cost: From $9.95 / Month
Year Founded:
2008 Review

CloudAccess is a web hosting service which has made a name for itself when it comes to Joomla. CloudAccess has impressed those who worked with them and has rightfully earned the great reputation which precedes them. They have Joomla expert technicians who make sure everything works great for you and your hosted sites. They integrate Joomla into their service seamlessly and make it look so easy. If you simply want Joomla to work flawlessly, CloudAccess is the right place for you. If you are serious about excellent Joomla web hosting you can’t go wrong with what CloudAccess has to offer.

We may sound like CloudAccess has made us their fans, and this is all true. While there are a few quirks we faced, their excellent customer service and well adapt technicians made sure that our site worked fine on their hosting. The best part is that CloudAccess has incredible speed and really speed cloud servers

Top Features of

While we were really impressed with what CloudAccess has to offer, here are some of the best features of CloudAccess which are worthy of mentioning:



CloudAccess is a little bit expensive when compared to other hosts but their service is remarkable and they expertise is invaluable. Their basic plan starts at $9.95 which has all the basic features which are necessary for a great website hosting service. The Business plan starts at $24.95 while the Pro plan begins at $49.95 price mark. There are many features which are included the more you pay, which is quite natural for a service of this nature.


The Downside of Using

There are only a few minor problems when it comes to using CloudAccess. First of all they provide you with their very own control panel which can be a problem for those who like cPanel and are familiar with its functions. Another point of concern is that they also keep backend super user access to themselves, which in some cases might prove to be extremely useful.

Customer Support

CloudAccess relies on ticket based system but it is not like any other we have ever seen. They usually answer tickets within 30 minutes of submission and this is only on normal urgency. Their customer support agents are very well trained and treat customers with a joyous attitude. There is absolutely no phone support on CloudAccess which is a negative in our books, but since they do such an amazing job with the ticket bases system there is no need to be overly concerned.



CloudAccess is a great host if you want to maintain a Joomla based website. They provide you with every tool you might need and there is ample space and memory dedicated for you. You get 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores and 20 GB storage space along with unlimited bandwidth.

Not much can be asked after you have seen or used CloudAccess for your site hosting needs. They are always attentive to their customers, we never felt stranded during our time with CloudAccess. They have excellent customer support and even better technical support. Their agents are not only well aware of Joomla but can be considered experts on it as well as web hosting and other related disciplines.
All in all the high price of CloudAccess is very much justifiable when you look at what you will be getting. Blazing fast speeds and a reliable platform to conduct your normal web hosting fares is what you will obtain at CloudAccess. The best part is that they have a system which allows you to experiment yourself without the fear of losing valuable data or compromising stability of your website.