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Certified Hosting

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Location: United States
Cost: From $3.95 / Month
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Review of CertifiedHosting.com

Webhosting services come in different packages and are targeted to different users. Hence, it is important that you know how to choose the right hosting package that meets your site needs and preferences-paying for a service that offers a bigger capacity may not always be a good thing, especially when your site necessities have yet to grow.
When looking for a hosting service that has been proven and tested to be highly reliable, then you may want to check out the offers of CertifiedHosting.com. In Certified Hosting, you can choose from a wide variety of hosting packages that meet your needs just right.

About CertifiedHosting.com

Certified Hosting is among the oldest webhost providers in the market. Established back in the 1990s, this webhost service is known for its long term reliability and outstanding customer support. Many of its current clients have started their subscription during the time the company was first established, thus you are assured to get top-rated webhosting service for a longer period of time.

Top features of CertifiedHosting.com

Certified Hosting boasts a wide range of features that clients have learned to love over the years. Among these are:
• Highly reliable hosting. Certified Hosting houses strong servers in their data centers, making the company capable of providing superbly fast hosting solutions to its clients. These servers are maintained and refreshed regularly to promote consistent uptime and avoid lagging and downtime occurrences.
• Easy to use website builder. Certified Hosting also offers user-friendly website building tools which are ideal for clients who have no background in website development but would like to add a personal touch on their sites.
• cPanel. Certified Hosting also provides the most useful website control panel today, cPanel. This control panel package allows site admins to access and use website tools, install scripts and other necessary solutions to further improve their sites.
• Free migration setup. Website migration can be expensive, as not all website providers do the job for free. However, in Certified Hosting, subscribers are able to move from their former hosting provider to this host service for free, as the company’s tech team will be the one to do the work.
• Application hosting. Certified Hosting also provides over 200+ scripts and technologies that subscribers can use anytime they want.

Certified Hosting comes in different service packages. These include:
• Unlimited web hosting. Unlimited web hosting is geared towards individuals and small business companies who wish to establish their online presence with a website. The plans under unlimited hosting are as follows:
o Dork It Up. This plan covers a single domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, $100 Google Adwords credit and other features. This package can go for as low as $3.95 per month.
o Geek Out. This plan meanwhile covers unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth, plus $100 Google Adwords credit and other key tools. This package costs at least $6.95 per month.
o Nerd Alert. The Nerd Alert plan meanwhile covers unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth, as well as a free dedicated IP, free private SSL and $100 Google Adwords credit. This package costs at least $11.95 per month.
• Reseller hosting. Certified Hosting also provides reseller hosting packages, which allow businesses to make money as webhost affiliates. These plans include free client management and billing software, site building tools for customers, free Enom domain name reseller account and $100 Google Adwords credit. Reseller hosting costs at least $19.95 per month.
• Shared dedicated. Shared dedicated hosting meanwhile is ideal for growing websites, such as online stores and tube sites. This package costs at least $55.99 per month.
• Dedicated servers. Dedicated servers meanwhile provide a specific server at the company’s data centers, high quality bandwidth, and dedicated server resources. This package begins at $99 per month.

The Downsides of using CertifiedHosting.com

Many customers are very satisfied with the services of Certified Hosting, thus they stick to the company’s packages for many years now. Hence, if you are planning to run a website, decide first on whether you intend to use it for the long term and expand its horizons. This is because while the company offers high quality service, the hosting packages of Certified Hosting do not come cheap. You can only avail of the low prices if you subscribe for a long-term package, or at least for a year’s worth of service.
If you are running just a small website or blog for the sake of online visibility, then you may opt for a cheaper hosting package instead, as you won’t be able to utilize all the features of Certified Hosting with those goals.

Customer Support

Unlike other webhost providers that only offer customer support to their premium clients, Certified Hosting makes it a point to accommodate each of its clients through its team of customer and tech support agents who know how to handle various inquiries. You may contact the company’s customer support team 24/7 through phone and email.


Certified Hosting is a good webhost service to rely on for companies who wish to take their online presence to the next level. This is because the company’s webhost solutions are strong, fast, and reliable, making them capable of running continuously growing websites, ecommerce sites, blogs and video sites.
Sure, you can find other webhost providers that offer the same kind of service as Certified Hosting, but the real deal can be found once the service is already operational. Rather than test the waters using other cheaper webhost services, you may want to get one that’s been proven to be highly trusted by longtime users instead. This can be a good service to get especially if you have big plans for your website in the near future.
Certified Hosting also has a satisfying reseller package, which most subscribers find to be worth the investment. If you are looking to expand your online business through affiliate marketing, then the reseller package of Certified Hosting would be a good deal to get. This is because you not only enjoy premium webhosting services, but as well earn money through referrals too.