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Ever since SEO exploded onto the marketing scene, everyone has been looking for a leg up. The good news is that the people at have made keeping track of your website’s performance easier. Instead of having to use several different sites to track your website traffic, you can have the access to everything you need to know in one place.

To use’s slogan “whether you’re running sites with a few or millions of keywords, AuthorityLabs is here to help”. The basic idea behind this website is to give those who run multiple websites all the information they need to track their sites’ performance in one place.

Top Features of Authority Labs

Simple Setup: has made setting up multiple websites for tracking super easy. The first thing they do is make entering multiple domains and locations easy. You simply have to enter the domain name and website you want tracked into the text field and they do the rest of the work for you. This means that you don’t have to waste your time rewriting the same URL over and over like you do with some other SEO trackers.

Along with making entering the domain or site you want tracked easy, you can also easily track thousands of keywords. updates information from Google, Yahoo, and Bing constantly to make sure that they have the most current and relevant information available.

This means that you can track how your keywords are doing and modify them as needed. For example if you sell weight loss products, you can track all the keywords associated with those products and know which ones people are searching for. This is an extremely valuable tool when designing an SEO campaign.

Finally, with, it is a very simple thing to track your competition and how they are ranking as well. In order to stay competitive in the SEO landscape, you have to know how the other guy is doing. Because allows you to track your competition, you can stay abreast of how and what they are doing. Again, another invaluable tool as part of’s simple setup features.

Web Based Reporting:

low cost web host offers some of the best web based reporting on the internet. They start out by giving you access to daily data. This means that each and every day you will be able to track the performance of your domains and sites. This allows you to see when your keywords are working and when they are not. By having this information at your fingertips each day, you can more quickly adjust your SEO campaign.

While having daily data is a great thing, the format it is in also makes a difference. allows you to export your data as either a CSV or in PDF format. However, instead of handing you a bunch of uncompiled data, AuthorityLabs actually compiles it for you so you can know what it means faster. Whether you want to find out what country most of your traffic is from, or if you want to know the average amount of time people spend on your website, you get this all exported in the format of your choice.

As if the daily reporting and reported data were not enough, also offers trend graphs. You can use trend graphs to track several different keywords and see which combinations are going to be the most effective in increasing your search results. By having this information in an easy to read and understand format you don’t have to waste time comparing it yourself. In the end, time is definitely money and having this tool available will save you time.

Flexible Access:

The final feature of that needs to be discussed is that they have very flexible access. You can access the information you get from AuthorityLabs from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection of some kind. It doesn’t matter if you wake up in Brazil and go to bed in China, as long as you can connect to the internet, you can look at the information provides for you.

Along with being able to access the information from anywhere, you can have whoever you choose have access to the information as well. Instead of restricting the information you are paying for to just you, you can share it with those who need to know it.

Whether it is the freelance writer you hired to write the content for your latest SEO campaign or your right hand person, you can allow them access to the information they need. This means that your team can work more efficiently and independently thus allowing you to focus on other aspects of managing your business. Prices uses a sliding price scale that starts at $49.99 per month and goes up to $450.00 per month. As with most sliding scales, the more you pay, the more you get. When you buy the Plus Package from you are allowed to track 250 keywords and 50 Domains.

As you go up in higher levels of pricing you get the expected increase in the amount of keywords and domains you are allowed to track. This pricing allows you to pay for what you need instead of paying for things you don’t use.

Downside of Using

As with any company, there is a downside to as well. While they do have very flexible pricing it can be a bit hard to justify spending nearly five hundred dollars and still not get unlimited keywords.

While their upper price packages offer more keywords and unlimited domain tracking, having a limit on keywords can be a bit difficult. While they still allow you to track over five thousand keywords, they really should just give you no limit at the highest price. Support

A company is only as good as its support and Authority Labs offers a good support system. Whether you have questions about how to set up the information you want tracked or you want to upgrade your service plan, you can easily contact customer support.

While they handle a majority of their online support by email, they respond very quickly and if needed can be reached by phone. A lot of companies simply offer an FAQ and then refuse to answer any queries, is much different.


If you are running and SEO campaign, then you want to use the tools that has to offer. From their very simple setup through their affordable pricing, is one of the best information resources out there.

You know that a large part of staying on top of the SEO game is current information and provides that for you. While you can probably get all the information they offer yourself, saves you the time and does most of the work for you.