ADrive Review

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Location: United States
Cost: Free Basic Account/Premium starting at $2.50/m
Year Founded: 2007


ADrive Review

Do you travel a lot? Do you wish you didn’t have to deal with pesky flash drives and CD-RWs all the time? Well, have you ever heard of cloud storage?

The concept behind the cloud storage services provided by ADrive is that it constantly backs up content from your main PC/laptop and then places it on the cloud. The beauty is that you can access the cloud from anywhere and at any time. Even cooler is that it can store any type of file:

Only one question remains: is ADrive worth the investment?

Introducing ADrive

Back in 2007, a team of storage and networking veterans came together and founded ADrive to meet the ever changing demands of the expanding data-storage market. It has since grown into a full-fledged backup service that offers backup storage, file sharing, remote file transfers, online editing and more. We highly recommend it for those of you who are seeking cloud backup solutions, whether for personal or business purposes.

Adrive -  online storage, backup and cloud storage providers

Personal Basic Service

The Personal Basic service is completely free and entitles you to 50GB of online data that you can access anytime and from anywhere, including even mobile devices. It is somewhat limited compared to its paid alternatives, but it does still offer some nice features:

Unfortunately, there are many things it does not support, such as SSL encryption, online collaborations, FTP and more. For these, you’d have to upgrade to a Personal Premium or Business account. However, the free option is still recommended for the average individual who just wants to safeguard his or her files. Note also that using the free version also means contending with lots of annoying advertisements.

Adrive -  online storage, backup and cloud storage providers

Personal Premium Service

The Personal Premium service provides between 100GB and 10TB of storage space, with prices ranging from as little as $2.50 a month up to a whopping $250.00 per month. We recommend signing up for 1TB of space at a yearly rate of $250.00.

More importantly, it adds along a bevy of very, very useful features and functions:

We recommend this service for those of you who have a LOT of files. We are mainly talking about folks who keep humongous collections of videos, songs and pictures on their computers. It would be wiser to store them on a safe system like that provided by ADrive.

Adrive -  online storage, backup and cloud storage providers

Business Service

The Business account ups the storage quantity from 200GB to unlimited. Furthermore, it allows for multiple user accounts. The 200GB option supports 10 users, while the higher-up options support 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and more users. It is in all other ways equivalent to the Personal Premium service, and it is only recommended for small businesses. Larger businesses and corporations should go the enterprise route.

Adrive -  online storage, backup and cloud storage providers

Enterprise Service

ADrive also offers enterprise-grade cloud storage solutions for extremely large corporations. The service basically nullifies the need for a company to set up its own data center. Instead ADrive sets up and manages the data center for the company. To get more information (including pricing) on its enterprise solutions, you’ll need to contact the company direct.

Adrive -  online storage, backup and cloud storage providers

Additional Features & Benefits

The wide array of features and benefits at ADrive is quite impressive.

Adrive -  online storage, backup and cloud storage providers

Impressive Customer Service

ADrive’s customer care is beyond impressive, assuming of course that you have a paid account. If you only have a free one, then you are limited to email support, a huge FAQ and a user forum. There are also dozens of helpful videos and articles. If you have a paid account, however, then you get access to 24/7 phone support with very well-trained and helpful support agents.

If you get a free account and run into any problems, we recommend first checking out the forum and FAQ. Most likely, your question has already been asked and answered by somebody else.

Frequently Asked Questions

● Does ADrive offer a trial for its paid accounts?

Actually, yes, we found out that ADrive offers a 30-day trial account for both the Personal Premium and Business services.

● Are refunds available?

ADrive does not offer refunds. Once you sign up and pay for service, there is no going back. Your only option is to cancel before you get billed again.

● What types of payments options are accepted?

You can sign up for a paid account with a credit card or PayPal. The company does not accept money orders, cash, checks or BitCoins.

Final Thoughts

Adrive -  online storage, backup and cloud storage providers

Overall, we found ADrive to be a first-rate cloud storage service for both consumers and business professionals. It provides both basic, free service for the average individual, as well as corporate-grade features and functions for high-end clients. Even better, it offers fair, budget-friendly prices and a slew of storage size options.

ADrive also offers incredible redundancy, topnotch security and out-of-this-world customer service. It impressed us in every way imaginable, and so if you want to keep your data backed up and readily available, then we definitely recommend ADrive!

Adrive -  online storage, backup and cloud storage providers